Air Pollution Solution

We plan to do studies on the reduction of the symptoms and diseases caused by air pollution. I previously did some pilot sessions on people with air pollution symptoms in China, where the air pollution situation has been a big problem.

I had students in my seminars in China collect some air pollution from the dust on the windows of cars. We put that dust into a bottle of water and alcohol and treated people attending the seminars who had air pollution symptoms like coughing, constricted breathing, itchy eyes, etc. We used a Quantum Energy Optimizer (QEO), which is our private-label bioresonance device, to treat people with air pollution symptoms. In every case, the person got better to some degree. And if they had two or three treatments, the air pollution symptoms disappeared completely. After living in a city with bad air pollution for some additional months, the symptoms would come back but that could again be treated effectively.

I’m now suggesting to some of my Chinese students that they try using the Results Now process to reduce or eliminate the negative effects of air pollution and see what happens.

In general, what we are seeing with the Results Now process is that it often does produce even better results than we were getting with the machine.

For example, I recently treated a few people who had problems with limited range of motion, and the results were awe-inspiring with just one session. In many cases, the limited range of motion problems and the associated pain were simply gone in one session. This was even better than having used the QEO to treat limited range of motion in the past.

A video showing before and immediately after treatment results with two of the women who were treated is here – 

Limited Range of Motion

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