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Finding a Real Solution to Post Traumatic Stress 

As I was recovering from this very traumatic experience I wanted to find something that would be truly curative. I didn’t want to just have to cope with the trauma symptoms for the rest of my life. So I started to look for something with which I could really heal myself and fully recover from the trauma.

I wanted to find an answer to why people are not very good at resolving trauma and emotional pain. I wanted to find a “real” answer. I created my own very special form of research that involved a deep inquiry into this question. And I was incredibly fortunate to discover a very simple insight.

What I discovered is what I already mentioned above about the fact that when we are little we all get emotionally overwhelmed… a lot! And that everyone develops the deep conditioning of going as far away from the emotional pain as possible.

As I thought about that an outrageous idea came to me. What if I were to try doing the exact opposite of that? What if I allowed myself to get closer to the sensation of the emotional pain or traumatic energy in my body instead of trying to avoid it?

Once I had this idea it took mustering up quite a bit of courage to give it a try. So I allowed myself to feel the feeling of terror that I still felt in my chest. It certainly wasn’t comfortable but what I noticed to my amazement was that it didn’t kill me to just allow myself to feel this sensation. I didn’t like it, that’s for sure. But what I found was that it was possible to do it.

I allowed myself to focus on the most intense part of the energy of the sensation as this again was the opposite of what we are deeply conditioned to do. And I just sat there and noticed the strongest part of the sensation.

Of course this was not comfortable. But I decided to just stay with it for a while and see what happened. The feeling stayed more or less the same for quite some time but then to my amazement it started to feel a little bit less intense.

So then I again did something outrageous by old standards… I brought my awareness even closer to what remained of the sensation. This made the feeling seem more intense again. But encouraged by the experience of it softening a little bit a moment before, I just stayed with it and continued to allow myself to feel the strongest area of the sensation. Again, after a time it started to become softer, less painful. So again I got closer to it.

I kept allowing myself to get closer to what remained of the sensation, and each time I did that it made it seem stronger again. But I could also sense that each time I got closer, the overall energy was gradually becoming less intense… softer.

I continued with this approach until I couldn’t feel anything in that location in my body any more. When I finished I double-checked to see if there was anything left of the original feeling of terror and it seemed to be completely gone. I felt incredibly relieved.

I had been feeling that terror for months. Now it was gone. I decided to wait until the next day and see if it was still gone. The next day came and I thought about the feeling of having been terrified and it just wasn’t there any more.

Now I was really encouraged. I decided to try the same process on all of the other trauma feelings I had. I thought of the content of the nightmares and flashbacks and could feel the intense feelings associated with them. So I used the very same process on all of the traumatic energies that I could locate in my body.

The result… no more nightmares, no more flashbacks, no more startle response, no more anxiety. I had just done something that was considered impossible. I had cured myself of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I then began to share these techniques with friends and family. What I discovered was that virtually every problem that someone had was essentially caused by the presence of not-useful emotions. You didn’t have to have huge trauma to benefit from these new techniques. They seemed to be helpful for resolving the underlying basis of virtually any problem.

I rapidly became aware that this was a very important breakthrough. Clearly, I had discovered something important.

So the solution to PTSD is to learn how to become emotional competent. The inability to resolve trauma is not an innate lack of ability to do so. It is a deeply conditioned habit of feeling avoidance. This is caused by the universal reaction to getting emotionally overwhelmed when we are very young. Nobody likes it. And everyone starts to suppress their intense painful emotions in hopes of not having to feel them. This creates the deep habit of emotional suppression which becomes so well conditioned that we being to think that this is something that is innately human. But it’s not. It is just a universal, deeply conditioned habit that is the basis of what everyone in the world is so emotionally incompetent.

Fortunately, the discovery of this insight and especially the discovery of how to learn how to do what exact opposite of what we are deeply conditioned to do now makes it possible to overcome trauma, anxiety, depression and all of our “not-useful emotions” much more quickly, efficiently and permanently than ever before.

It’s important to know that my own personal experience with this is not an isolated case. I’ve been teaching the techniques I discovered to people with trauma from all kinds of traumatic experiences ever since I made this remarkable discovery. Here’s the case of Angela Howard, a rape victim who suffered from horrific nightmares for 8 years. In just one session she was nightmare free and as of this writing, which is 3 years after her initial session, she hasn’t had a nightmare since. Here’s a short video of Angela sharing here experience of resolving her nightmares with Tom’s help using the Pure Awareness Techniques.

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