Vedic Astrology Readings and Kameshtis

Jyotish Readings

Vedic Astrology is called Jyotish. It is far more thorough, accurate and predictive than western astrology.

Jyotish readings done by a very gifted and knowledgeable Vedic Astrologer named Ritesh Shukla are now available through his partnership with Inner Greatness Global (IGO).

A Jyotish reading by Ritesh provides these and other insights about your life –

  • It makes you aware of the innate nature of your instincts
  • It makes you aware of your areas of strength and of weakness so that you can maximize on your strengths and minimize on your weaknesses
  • You get a mathematically verified view on your health and happiness quotient, professional inclination, quality of relationships, enemies, debt, longevity of life, partnerships, etc
  • You get an advanced estimation of the nature of time you can expect in the future, time when you should take holidays and rest and months most productive in which it is optimal to work towards initiating new projects.

New types of Jyotish readings offered by IGO are explained in this video –

The two new types of readings are –

Find the prodigy in your child

Every child has a destiny awaiting to be realized. Vedic Jyotish unlocks the clues encrypted in the horoscope. If these clues can be put to use at the right time, any child can enjoy the best possible life he is destined to have. Book a reading of your child’s horoscope and help him/her enjoy charting his/her journey called life.

Cost: $350

Book one of these new readings here –

Supporting Your Child’s Life Success and Happiness


You don’t need to die to be reborn

If you don’t know your date or time of birth, or if  are not satisfied with your life up until now and you want reincarnation in your current life without dying, then book a reading session and revitalize your remaining life.

Cost: $450

Book one of these new readings here –

You don’t need to die to be reborn

You can also give a reading session as a gift to someone you care about.


Kameshtis are Vedic procedures that have the effect of neutralizing negative karma and upgrading positive karma. Explanation of Kameshtis is also on this video – 


Jyotish Training

Stop finding a Jyotishi! Become one!

Training in how to  be able to create and interpret Jyotish charts.

If you can do basic mathematics like addition, subtraction, multiplication & division then you can learn how to read a horoscope using Vedic Astrological techniques.

Participation will be limited. To qualify to take this training you must first have a Jyotish reading by Ritesh. You then will be interviewed by him to determine if you can be in this training. The class will be a small select group.

Total duration: 10 months

Total sessions: 45

Total Fees: $18000

Discount for the students in this first course: 30%

Net fees: $12,600

The dates of the classes for this training will be announced soon. 

The registration procedure will be made available to those who qualify for this training.

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