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A new way to really get rid of your resentments has been discovered.

Thousands of people have learned how to do this and you can too.

You are about to learn how to resolve your resentments. As outrageous as that may sound to you it’s really true.

If you don’t have the Awaken Your Inner Greatness app yet you can get it now –


This app works by teaching you special techniques that are new, unique and highly effective for thoroughly resolving resentments.

You will guide yourself through these experiential techniques at your own pace by listening to audio instructions and swiping the screen of your mobile device to hear the next instruction.

Because the techniques are easiest to do with your eyes closed the swiping makes it easy to keep your eyes closed as you advance through the instructions.

There are also additional detailed instructions for other problems like anxiety, depression, stress, heartbreak, grief, nightmares, etc. – see the Awaken Your Inner Greatness Applications Index.

Preparation for Using This App

A New Technology

New technologies are being invented all the time and this app with its unique audio guidance system for using the Pure Awareness Techniques is just that – a new technology for fully resolving resentments and other emotional problems.

There is a lot of information below that explains about the real nature and cause of resentments. And there’s a detailed description of how you can resolve them using this app with the detailed instructions that follow. It’s a lot of information because what you need to learn is how to do something new, something that you have almost certainly never experienced before. So please read all of the information as it will give you a very good foundation for understanding exactly what to do to prepare for and successfully use this app.

Resentments – Unmet Expectations

Resentments usually occur when your partner (or someone else) does not meet your expectations. They may say or do something you don’t like or they may not do something that you had expected or assumed that they would do. If unresolved, resentments accumulate and tend to gradually undermine the feeling of connection and intimacy between you and your partner. As resentments accumulate they stack up as if in a pile, higher and higher until they can become like the Great Wall of China between you and the feeling of affinity with your partner. Accumulated resentments are probably the biggest killers of relationships.

Some people are pretty good at talking these kinds of things over and often this can resolve whatever the unmet expectations are. But there’s another dimension to resolving resentments that can really help to keep your resentment pile clean and prevent any interference with the feeling of connection and intimacy. And you are holding the technology of that new dimension in your hand right now.

Emotions have both Content and Energy

What most people don’t realize is that resentments, like every other emotion, have both content and energy to them. The content is what the resentment is about. The energy is the sensation of the anger, disappointment, sadness or frustration that you feel from your expectation not getting met. It is the sensation of these various emotions that are what the resentments are really made of. It’s the energy of these emotions that give life to your resentments and cause them to erode your feelings of love and affection for your partner.

Using this app can help you to prevent your relationship from getting sabotaged by resentments. You can use it to clean up all of your resentments from the past and then continue to use the app to get rid of any new resentments that may come up in the future. Keeping your resentment pile super clean is a great way to protect your relationship and keep the feeling of love alive for a very long time.

Resentments Erode Relationships

You know most people feel a strong feeling of love and connection in the early stages of a relationship. And it’s common that this initial “juiciness” of the relationship tends to fade over time. It’s probably not just from the two of you getting familiar. It’s more likely that it is from starting to have some accumulated, unresolved resentments.

So here’s the opportunity to get rid of your resentments in a very thorough way and very possibly keep or regain those powerful, delightful, yummy feelings of love that you felt with your partner at the beginning of your relationship. We can’t promise that you’ll feel exactly the same but you can bet that if you resolve all of your resentments that you’ll be much more likely to feel some of the love that you originally felt in the beginning. It’s definitely worth a try!

So now there’s a new way to resolve the feelings of resentment that works quickly and thoroughly. It’s now possible to vaporize your resentment stresses so that they are really gone.

Why am I using such a strong word like “Vaporize” to describe the process of resolving resentments? It’s because it really does resolve your resentments quickly and completely so that they don’t come back. And it’s not difficult to learn how to do it using your Awaken Your Inner Greatness App. You use the app to guide yourself through the experience of feeling the resentment energy in a new way, a way that you very likely have never done before. People are so used to suppressing their resentments that often they don’t even realize they are doing that.

More About How It Works

You are about to learn how to resolve your resentments. As I mentioned, this is going to take learning to do some things that are the exact opposite of what you have been doing your whole life but it turns out to be pretty easy.

You may have been trying your best to suppress or avoid these kinds of feelings that are at the basis of your resentments. You may still be upset about certain things that happened or didn’t happen the way that you wanted. These unresolved emotions keep you locked into having those resentful feelings and you may be having some trouble really resolving them.

You can have emotions like anger, sadness, frustration and disappointment as aspects of your resentments. These are what are called “Reactive” or External emotions. You can also have feelings of hurt that are more likely to be in the Painful/Internal category of emotional energies.

Two Kinds of Disruptive Emotions

Here’s a diagram of the different kinds of disruptive emotional energies.

The key to being able to breakthrough and finally get rid of the pain at the basis of your resentments is to approach it on a new level… on the level where it really lives.

As mentioned above, emotions have both content and energy. The content is the part that most people and most attempts to resolve it focus on. That’s what you do when you talk about something to try to resolve it. But it is the energy of the emotion that gives it life. When the energy is gone, the resentment is gone. The circumstances may still be there but the “charge” of your emotional reaction to the circumstances will be gone. It becomes neutral.

What you’ve done in the past may not have worked so well, so we need to approach it in a new much more highly effective way.

The new approach that you are going to learn from this app is how to effectively resolve the disruptive emotional energy that IS what your resentments are made of. It is literally like running anti-virus software on yourself! It is going to wipe it off of your hard drive!!!

I know that it sounds too good to be true… but it is true. You don’t have to take my word for it. Just use the app, follow the instructions and see for yourself!

A New Way of Noticing Your Emotional Energy Fields

To resolve any residual feelings of being hurt, you’re going to learn how to allow yourself to feel the energy of your old unresolved emotional pain from your resentment experience in a new way. This is something new you very likely haven’t known how to do in the past. Once you learn how to locate the emotional energy, you’ll learn how to put your attention right into the center of the most intense part of the energy field of the emotional pain and how to completely resolve it. Strangely enough, this simple shift to focusing on the strongest area of the sensation of the residual energy field and staying focused there is the main new thing you have to learn how to do. And it isn’t that hard to do it. The strongest area of the energy field is usually right in the center of the field.

What will happen when you focus on the strongest area of the pain is that it will initially feel stronger than normal because you are really allowing yourself to feel it more than you normally do. And the intensity level may seem to stay more or less the same for a while. But as you just innocently continue to notice the strongest area of the energy of the pain it will gradually start to soften and become less intense. When it does, bring your awareness closer to whatever remains of the energy. Again focus on the strongest area. Each time it softens get closer to it.

You are used to avoiding feeling this pain. This habit of avoidance comes from a deep form of conditioning that occurs in early childhood. You get emotionally overwhelmed a lot as a kid. And nobody likes it. In fact, we hate it. And we make a “pre-verbal decision” to do our best to NOT feel painful, overwhelming feelings. We learn to immediately suppress our feelings. But suppression and completion of the experience of the left over emotional energies of traumatic experiences are completely different. Suppression keeps the emotional energy in your body. Completing it with the technique you are about to learn allows the body to finally let it go and then it’s really gone… for good!

The Provocation Test

Making Sure That It Is Really Gone!

When the emotional pain is gone you will do a simple exercise to make sure that the pain is really thoroughly resolved. We call it a “provocation test.” That means you will attempt to provoke the painful feeling by thinking about what happened. We’ll see if you feel differently about it now. The most common report from people when they do this is… “The old hurt feeling is completely gone. It’s amazing that I can think about what happened and I don’t feel resentful anymore. It’s just something that happened but there’s not a charge about it. Wow!”

If you have more than one resentment from the past (which is pretty likely), you can do a variation of the provocation test by simply thinking of another previous resentment experience and see if there’s any pain left when thinking of that. If you have any pain over anything like this then shift to the IN Technique and resolve that too. You can resolve as many old hurt/resentment energies as you feel comfortable to do in one sitting. That’s entirely up to you and of course how many of them you have.

Start Vaporizing Your Resentments

Accessing the Energy Fields of Your Resentments

In order to overcome your resentments, you will typically need both the IN Technique and the OUT technique as well. Both techniques are available in this Awaken Your Inner Greatness app.

To get access to the energy field of your resentment, you will typically need to provoke it somewhat so that you can feel the energy field. To access the resentment sensation, all you typically need to do is think about the events that lead to the resentment.

It is easiest to do the IN Technique with your eyes closed. So after you read this try closing your eyes and think about what happened or didn’t happen as the case may be. When you can feel the feeling of hurt at the basis of the resentment start the IN Technique.

The IN Technique

When you do feel the resentment pain, the energy usually feels localized inside of your body. It will feel like a tight knot or ball of energy. That’s the IN Technique energy. If you feel something that seems localized or concentrated inside of your body then start the IN Technique and guide yourself through the resolution of this old painful sensation.

If you don’t feel any energy then you can use the LOCATE Technique to help you get access to the IN Technique energy that needs to be resolved. Start the LOCATE IN Technique.

The LOCATE IN Technique will guide you in finding where the IN Technique energy is being held in your body. As soon as you feel the IN Technique energy field, shift to the IN Technique and guide yourself through the resolution of the old painful feeling.

The OUT Technique

Once you have resolved the IN Technique energy that you found using either of the above methods, now we want to resolve the reactive emotional energy part of the resentment. This might be a cloud of reactive emotional energy that is the result of some expectation not being met. It could also be a fear of another expectation not getting met in the future.

You can start by again thinking about the resentment circumstances. You may be able to feel a kind of cloud or aura of energy that radiates out from your body into the space around you. If you do, start the OUT Technique on your mobile device and resolve it by simply following the audio instructions in the app.

Finding Hidden Energies

The LOCATE Technique

If when you think about the resentment you don’t feel a cloud of energy, then you can use the version of the LOCATE Technique that prepares you for the OUT Technique to get access to the energy cloud. It’s called LOCATE OUT.

If you do use LOCATE OUT and you do sense the reactive energy cloud, then go ahead with the OUT Technique and resolve the reactive energy cloud that you have accessed.

Either when you use the LOCATE Technique or if you access the cloud of reactive emotional energy by just thinking of the situation, as soon as you get access to the OUT Technique energy field shift to the OUT Technique and resolve it.

When you have finished resolving one of your resentments you can open your eyes.


You just vaporized the stress that has been the cause of one of your resentments. You’ll notice if you think about the situation again that the feeling will have been replaced by a kind of neutral feeling. It sort of becomes a non-issue. In fact you may feel your love for the person free of any feeling of that resentment.


If you’d like some personalized support you can get 1-on-1 coaching by booking a session with a Certified Inner Greatness Coach using the online booking form at the bottom of this page.

We do have many highly trained Certified Inner Greatness Coaches who are available for 1-on-1 sessions to help you. They have been doing this work for many years and they are highly qualified to help via Skype or similar.

The Short Versions of LOCATE

By the way, the short version of the LOCATE Technique is for after you have used the initial longer version of it the first time or the first few times (you decide). As you get used to doing it you won’t need as much instruction but you can decide which one you prefer using as you progress.

You can also use the Awaken Your Inner Greatness app for resolving other emotional problems and recommend it to friends and family. See the Awaken Your Inner Greatness Application Index link below.

Please spread the word via your social media, email lists, any support groups or forums for people who would like to improve their relationship. Help us to fulfill our mission of removing the pain of the world. Let’s create a world that is free of resentment!

May You be Completely Free of Resentments!

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