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A new way to really get rid of your nightmares has been discovered.

Thousands of people have learned how to do this and you can too.

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Watch this 3-minute video of Angela who had horrific nightmares and in just one session she was nightmare free that very night and has been nightmare free ever since!

There is a lot of information below that explains about the real nature and cause of nightmares. And there’s a detailed description of how you can resolve them using your Awaken Your Inner Greatness app. It’s a lot of information because you need to learn how to do something new, something that you have almost certainly never experienced before. So please read all of the information as it will give you a very good foundation for understanding exactly what to do to prepare for and successfully use this app.


Nightmares are one of the most common symptoms of people who have experienced something traumatic. Typically, people take a long time to heal from the trauma they experienced. Whether it was from being in a combat zone as a military veteran, being the victim of crime or rape, being a first responder and seeing all kinds of very stressful things, it doesn’t make much difference what the source of the trauma was. If you don’t know how to resolve the stress that results from the traumatic experience, then the nightmares can continue for years.

Vietnam Vet

Nightmares for 43 Years

Gone in One Session!

For example, I worked with on Vietnam Veteran who had been having nightmares every night for 43 years! In just one session using the same techniques you will learn from the Awaken Your Inner Greatness app and the detailed instructions below, he was nightmare free that night and has been ever since. This is not an exception but it is typical for people to get rid of their nightmares in 1 or 2 sessions with this new method. There have been many other cases and so far, virtually everyone has become and stayed nightmare free with just one or two sessions with an Inner Greatness Coach. It might take you a bit longer working on your own using the Awaken Your Inner Greatness app but if you need help we have lots of highly experienced Certified Inner Greatness Coaches who can help you. You can book a session for this kind of 1-on-1 support using the booking/scheduling system at the bottom of this page.

Up until now there really hasn’t been a good method of getting rid of nightmares so quickly and easily. But it doesn’t have to take long or be difficult. In fact, amazingly enough, typically people get over their nightmares in an hour or two or even less. That sounds impossible based on everyone’s past experiences and observations. But the reason that people struggle with getting over nightmares is not because it isn’t possible. It is due to something that is very common, pretty much universal. And that is that most people are simply not knowledgeable or skilled at how to resolve painful emotional experiences.

Why is that?

When you were very little you got emotionally overwhelmed many, many times. And you didn’t like that. So, you (and everyone else) rapidly learned how to suppress you feelings, especially when they are painful or uncomfortable. You got so good at it that you do it automatically, without even realizing that you are doing it.

This happens to everyone. It is quite universal. And as a result, people are simply not good at handling their emotions. This sets people up for not being able to resolve the painful emotions that cause nightmares.

Nightmares are caused by traumatic experiences that are overwhelming. You can’t process the whole emotional reaction to the experience when it happens so you archive the energy of the emotion inside your body. During the night as the body is resting it tries to get the emotional energy out of itself as the body’s nature is to try to purge anything from itself that is unnatural. And the stress of traumatic experiences is certainly unnatural.

The purging process results in the experience of the nightmares but, unfortunately, actually getting rid of the unresolved stress of the trauma this way is very slow. So not that much of it gets resolved by just having the nightmares. This is why so often the nightmares just keep coming back again and again.

What we do with Inner Greatness Optimizing and what you are going to learn how to do from using the app is to use a process of resolving the stress of the trauma much more quickly and efficiently so that you can really get rid of it completely and permanently.

What if the deep stresses from the traumas that are creating your nightmares could be resolved both quickly and easily?

Due to some new insights and discoveries, now they can be!

Most people are deeply conditioned to try to avoid feeling scary or painful feelings like the ones that occur in nightmares. So, they don’t know how to get over them. But now amazingly enough, you’ll be able to get rid of your nightmares once and for all!

Resolving the Traumas

You are about to learn how to resolve those traumatic stresses that have been causing your nightmares. This is going to take learning to do some things that are the exact opposite of what you have been doing your whole life but it turns out to be pretty easy. This pattern of conditioning keeps you locked into feeling and completing these painful incomplete traumatic experiences of the past.

When we start the process of resolving your nightmares and you start to get in touch with the pain, sometimes it can cause you to cry. It’s just too overwhelming. We are used to crying when we are in pain. We’ve been doing it all of our life when things are really painful. But as you have probably experienced, crying doesn’t resolve the nightmares either. You can cry many times and still keep having your nightmares. There’s nothing really wrong with crying but it doesn’t resolve the problem.

There’s a much better way

If you understand what’s really going on, then you can learn a new technique called the IN Technique and use it to resolve the traumas at the basis of your nightmares so thoroughly that you can think of the content of the nightmares and not be overwhelmed or feel like you need to cry.

So a part of what I’m going to explain to you right now is how when you start the IN Technique and you start to allow yourself to feel the traumatic energy that is causing your nightmares, how to shift from feeling overwhelmed by it or crying to feeling the “energy” of the emotion in this new way with the IN Technique.

It’s simple even if it is a little bit surprising what you have to do. When you start to feel that you are going to get overwhelmed you focus your attention right into the center of the strongest area of the painful or scary sensation. Sounds crazy but amazingly enough, it really works.

What happens when you do that is that it creates a little bit of distance between your awareness and the traumatic energy field. When you cry, what happens is that you get kind of sucked into the sensation and overwhelmed by it. But when you allow yourself to feel the most intense part of the sensation which is usually right in the middle of the energy field, then you don’t get sucked into it and overwhelmed.

Adjusting the Distance

The next thing that you do is to adjust how close to or far away from the energy field of the sensation you position your awareness to be. Most people don’t even know that doing this is possible but it’s actually pretty easy. You can get closer and further away from the sensation just by adjusting this distance. When you are getting sucked into the energy and overwhelmed by it, you are too close. Back up a bit. It’s like getting into a helicopter or a hot air balloon and just going up a bit. It doesn’t take much moving away from the pain to have it stop feeling so overwhelming.

Focus on the Strongest Area

It is however, essential to keep making sure that your focus of attention continues to be right in the center of the strongest area of the sensation. If you start to feel like you are getting sucked into the pain and overwhelmed again, focus back on the center of the strongest area again and immediately you will not feel like crying. You’ll become calm.

Yes, it will feel intense. But you will rapidly see that if you create that little bit of distance by focusing on the center of the strongest area that you won’t feel like crying.

As you continue to simply notice that strongest part of the energy field that is creating the scary painful feeling, the intensity level may seem to stay more or less the same for a while. But if you just keep innocently noticing the strongest area, not trying to make the pain go away, not trying to do anything to it, eventually something very special happens. It will gradually start to soften and become less intense.

This is because what’s really going on when you are experiencing this kind of sensation is that when you first experienced it, it was just too much for you to process at that moment. You stored the remaining unresolved energy of the emotional reaction in your body and what’s needed now is to complete the incomplete experience that you are holding there.

Completing an incomplete emotionally painful experience is totally different than just crying again over it. It’s also totally different than trying to suppress the pain. That just keeps it. It doesn’t resolve it or complete it.

So learning the IN Technique combined with doing this preliminary process of focusing on the central strongest area of the pain and adjusting the distance of how close to or far away you are from the pain is learning a new skill. It’s learning to do the opposite of what you have been doing all of your life.

Once you get the distance right and stay focused on the central strongest area of the pain you can start the app and guide yourself through the completion of the traumatic stress that causes your nightmares. Don’t stop the process until the pain is completely gone. It might take awhile so don’t be in a rush. It might even take more than one sitting depending on how severe the pain is. But if you stay with it or come back to it and continue until the pain is gone, the really great thing is that it doesn’t come back. When it’s gone, it’s really gone for good.

High Success Rate

I have helped many people suffering from nightmares and the techniques have always worked to resolve the pain no matter what the source of the trauma was or how recent or long ago the experience happened.

Pretty much everyone in the world is not good at resolving emotional pain, especially the traumatic pain that causes nightmares. People are so used to suppressing their emotional pain that they don’t realize they are doing it.

Now with what you can learn from the Awaken Your Inner Greatness app, the pain that causes your nightmares can often be resolved in less than an hour or two at the most. I’ve helped many people resolve their nightmares and it’s never taken longer than a couple of hours maximum. Sometimes it takes less than half an hour.

But you do have to at least have the courage to try it and not just give up the moment that you start to get in touch with the pain because the emotional energy feels intense. There’s no question that it will feel intense. It will. But even though it will feel intense, you can quickly learn how to handle “intense.” And the way to handle it is to do exactly the same as described above for crying. When you focus on the central strongest area of the emotional pain, what you will find is that it’s just a sensation.

You may have a pretty deep habit of collapsing into crying so you might have to refocus on the central strongest area of the pain repeatedly in order to keep from collapsing back into crying. It may take a little practice to get this part.

If images or sounds or other kinds of memories from thinking about the nightmares start to grip your attention, that’s similar to collapsing into the crying. Instead of letting that happen, just refocus your attention on the “sensation,” on the “energy” of the pain and again focus right into the center of the strongest part of it. Just like with the crying, this will help you to not get lost to the images and memories. Also, it is important that when the intensity of the pain becomes less that you bring your awareness a little closer to the remaining sensation. This will make it feel stronger or more intense again just because you are closer to it. But you will rapidly develop a new sense that you are just feeling a sensation, and while it is intense, it is still quite possible to just notice it and using the instructions above not get overwhelmed or drift off on thoughts and images.

The Nightmares Will Be Gone

Even if you have had nightmares for a long time you are going to be able to resolve them with the IN Technique in the app. If you have had them for a long time, then the feelings associated with the nightmares are very familiar to you. When you resolve them, you are going to feel very different. The stress and trauma and fearful feelings will be gone. You will feel a sense of lightness and freedom that you may never have felt before, even before you started having nightmares.

Two Kinds of Not-useful Emotions

There are two kinds of disruptive emotional energies that humans have as shown on the diagram below.

Nightmares are typically caused by disruptive emotions in the category of Painful/Internal. They are usually and mostly caused by the incomplete experience of the residual energy of the emotional reactions to the traumatic events. With the Awaked Your Inner Greatness app you are going to learn how to resolve this kind of energy… completely.

Emotions Have Both Content and Energy

The content is the part that most people and most approaches focus on. But it is the energy of the emotion that gives it life. When the energy is gone, the emotion is gone. Remembering what happened will very likely still be possible as this doesn’t change the circumstances that occurred. But the “charge” of your emotional reaction to the circumstances will be gone. It becomes neutral. It will start to feel like it is just something that happened but that’s no longer traumatic. It will finally feel like it is something that can just go into the history books!

I know that it sounds too good to be true… but it is true. You don’t have to take my word for it. Just use the app, follow the instructions and see for yourself!


Now you are going to learn how to feel that pain in a new way that is highly efficient and effective for resolving the pain without being overwhelmed by it.

And once you allow yourself to feel the emotional energy, you’ll learn how to put your attention right into the center of the most intense part of the energy field and completely resolve it.

So the solution is not to continue to try to avoid this pain but to experience the essence of the energy that creates the sensation so completely that there’s nothing left to experience!

Intellectual Understanding Isn’t Enough

Typically, just having intellectual understanding about all of this will not solve the problem. That’s because it’s an experiential problem not an intellectual one. There’s an emotional charge to the nightmares that you haven’t fully experienced. That charge is what’s keeping the pain held inside of you alive. By learning a new and efficient way of completing the incomplete experience you are going to be able to vaporize your nightmares much more easily than you ever thought possible.

Sounds amazing but… it works! You have to experience it to believe it.

Often it is the case that there’s more than one traumatic energy at the basis of your nightmares. The Vietnam Vet I mentioned who had nightmares for 43 years, had 7 traumas causing his nightmares. We resolved all of them one after the other in one session. It took about an hour and a half.  One important point about his experience and the experiences of many other people with nightmares is that some of the traumatic energies can be accessed by just thinking about the content of the nightmares. Sometimes there may still be some traumas in there but you can’t feel them by thinking about the content of the nightmares.

To make sure that you get all of the traumatic energies resolved it’s important to use another one of the Pure Awareness Techniques that is called the LOCATE Technique which is explained below. There are 2 versions of this technique. One that prepares you to use the IN Technique and one for the OUT Technique. Use the one called LOCATE IN. Make sure to use LOCATE IN repeatedly until you just can’t find any more emotional energy that is causing your nightmares.

Again, if you have any trouble with resolving your nightmares on your own using the app, you can get 1-on-1 personalized coaching from a Certified Inner Greatness Coach by using our online booking system at the bottom of this page.

You Are About to Start the Techniques

Here’s what you are going to do –

As mentioned above, you first have to allow yourself to feel the energy field of the emotion. Follow the suggestions below in order to be able to do that. Once you can feel the energy of the sensation of the residual emotional pain, start the IN Technique.

Start the IN Technique

Select the IN Technique from the menu that you can access from the small menu icon in the upper right corner of the screen of your mobile device.

START – You can start to play the audio instructions by just swiping the screen to the right anywhere on the screen.

REPLAY – If you’d like to hear the last instruction again swipe downwards to REPLAY.

PAUSE – If you want to pause an instruction for any reason while listening to it, swipe upwards.

RESUME – To resume or continue the instruction that you paused, swipe upwards again.

BACK – If you want to go back through the instructions for any reason swipe to the left.

START OVER – If you’d like to start over from the beginning you can use the button on the lower right that says START OVER.


AUTOPLAY – Some users requested that we make it so they didn’t even have to swipe to get the next audio instruction. So the app now has an AUTOPLAY function. When you tap the button on the lower left that say AUTOPLAY, a small activation window will open. You can adjust how many seconds the app will wait before playing the next instruction. The default is set to 5 seconds but you can change that to any number of seconds you like. Then click the button that says ACTIVATE. The audio instructions will start to play. You can also still advance the audio instructions sooner than you would hear them by just waiting for the next one via the AUTOPLAY by swiping the screen to the right for the next clip. And as you become increasingly familiar with the steps of doing the technique, if you want to skip ahead you don’t have to wait for the instruction that is playing to finish – you can interrupt it and move on the next audio clip by swiping to the right whenever you like.

Take Your Time – Don’t Force It

Also, it is important to take your time with this process. Sometimes people have a tendency to rush. They want to get it done quickly. It’s important to realize that the completion of the incomplete painful experience is just going to happen in its own natural timing. Although that will be much faster than you might think it could happen, you can’t rush it. Trying hard to make the feeling go away will only hold onto it. And going too fast and not really completing each step of the process will still leave some of the painful energy inside of you. So, take it easy. Don’t rush it or force it. Just notice the energy and get closer to it as it gets softer. Then you will be successful at completely vaporizing your nightmares… for good.

The Provocation Test

Making Sure That It Is Really Gone!

When the emotional pain is gone, you can open your eyes and see how you feel. At that point it’s good to do a simple exercise to make sure that the problem is really thoroughly resolved. We call it a “provocation test.”

That means we’re going to see if it is possible to still provoke the sensation of fear by thinking about the content of your nightmares. Just think about one of your nightmares and see if you feel differently now.

The most common report from people when they do this is… “Wow! The nightmares are completely gone. I can remember the content of the nightmares but I don’t feel stressed or scared about it anymore!” Amazing!

And if when you do the provocation test you really feel that the original issue is resolved and there’s no more fear energy, it means that the “charge” that was creating the sensation of the nightmares has been completely resolved. You’ll be free of that nightmares… for good.

Start Vaporizing Your Nightmares
Accessing the Energy Fields Causing Nightmares

As mentioned, in order to overcome the emotional stress causing your nightmares you will need to use the IN technique to complete the incomplete experience of the emotional pain. Although this doesn’t sound easy or even possible, you will be surprised that when you simply notice the center of the most intense part of the energy field of the pain that you will be a little bit separate from it. This makes it not so difficult to allow yourself to feel it. Click the small menu icon on the upper right of this screen to get to the menu of the techniques.

To get access to the energy field of your nightmares shouldn’t be difficult for you. All you have to do is to think of something disturbing from your nightmares and you’ll most likely feel it. If the trauma was a long time ago and you don’t think about the event so much any more you can use the LOCATE Technique explained a bit further down to get access to any residual energy that might still be there.

The IN Technique

Think about the nightmare and you will feel the sensation of the trauma in your body. This is usually all that’s needed in order to get started.

The sensation will feel like a tightness or tension inside your body. It may feel like a painfully tight knot or ball of energy inside somewhere, often in the chest or solar plexus but it could be anywhere. This is what we call an IN Technique energy field. The pain will feel localized and concentrated. Start the IN Technique audio instructions as described above and guide yourself through the resolution of this painful feeling.

If it has been a long time and for any reason you don’t feel the energy somewhere inside of you when you think of the nightmare content, then you can use the LOCATE Technique to help you get access to the IN Technique energy that needs to be resolved. Start the LOCATE IN Technique. It will guide you in finding where the IN Technique energy is being held in your body. As soon as you feel the IN Technique energy field, shift to the IN Technique in the app and guide yourself through the resolution of the old residue of the pain that’s been suppressed.

Short Versions of the LOCATE Technique

One other point, after you have used the LOCATE Technique the first time or the first few times (you decide) you’ll be getting the feel for how to do it. We have short versions of both the LOCATE IN and LOCATE OUT that you can try out when you feel you are ready for that.


If you’d like some personalized support you can get 1-on-1 coaching by booking a session with a Certified Inner Greatness Coach using the online booking form at the bottom of this page.

We do have many highly trained Certified Inner Greatness Coaches who are available for 1-on-1 sessions to help you. They have been doing this work for many years and they are highly qualified to help via Skype or similar.

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You can also use the Awaken Your Inner Greatness app for resolving other emotional problems and recommend it to friends and family. See the Awaken Your Inner Greatness Application Index link below.

Please spread the word via your social media, email lists, any support groups or forums for people who suffer from nightmares. Help us to fulfill our mission of removing the pain of the world. Let’s create a world in which people get over their nightmares in a few hours at most rather than having them go on unresolved for years!

May you completely resolve your nightmares

and fully enjoy the rest of your life!

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