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A new way to really get rid of your fibromyalgia pain for good has been discovered.

Thousands of people have learned how to do this and you can too.

If you don’t have the Awaken Your Inner Greatness app yet you can get it now –


This app works by teaching you special techniques that are new, unique and highly effective for thoroughly resolving fibromyalgia pain.

You will guide yourself through these experiential techniques at your own pace by listening to audio instructions and swiping the screen of your mobile device to hear the next instruction.

Because the techniques are easiest to do with your eyes closed the swiping makes it easy to keep your eyes closed as you advance through the instructions.

A New Technology

There is a lot of information below that explains about the real nature and cause of fibromyalgia pain. And there’s a detailed description of how you can resolve it using this app. It’s a lot of information because what you need to learn is how to do something new, something that you have almost certainly never experienced before. So please read all of the information as it will give you a very good foundation for understanding exactly what to do to prepare for and successfully use this app.

Resolving Your Fibromyalgia

You are about to learn how to resolve your fibromyalgia. As outrageous as that may sound to you it’s really true. New technologies are being invented all the time and your Awaken Your Inner Greatness app along with the detailed instructions for using it provided on this web page is just that – a new technology for fully resolving fibromyalgia.

Upfront you should know that this is going to take learning to do some things that are the exact opposite of what you have been doing your whole life. After all, what you have been doing hasn’t been working or you wouldn’t be here checking this out!

Two Kinds of Disruptive Emotions

Fibromyalgia pain is typically caused mainly by the Painful/Internal kind of energy patterns in your body. But it will be useful to know about both kinds of disruptive depleting emotions. Here’s a diagram of the two kinds of disruptive emotional energies.

Fibromyalgia pain is mainly caused by the influence of suppressed emotions. So it is usually on the left side of the chart. With the Awaken Your Inner Greatness app you are going to learn how to resolve the energy of your fibromyalgia pain… completely.

The key to being able to breakthrough and finally get rid of your fibromyalgia pain is to approach it on a new level… on the level where it really lives.

Emotional Content and Energy

Emotions have both content and energy. The content is the part that most people and most approaches focus on. But it is the energy of the emotion that gives it life. When the energy is gone, the fibromyalgia pain is gone. The circumstances may still be there but the “charge” of your emotional reaction to the circumstances will be gone. It starts to feel just neutral.

What you’ve done in the past hasn’t been working so we need to approach it in a new much more highly effective way.

The Things That Don’t Work

You already know about things that don’t work.

  • Drugs only temporarily mask the symptoms.
  • Trying to just ignore it doesn’t work

Something New

You need something new. And fortunately you have found it!

What we know is that chemical approaches, drugs, herbs, etc. at best provide only temporary symptom relief. You have to keep taking them and the drugs typically have negative side effects. When you stop taking the drugs or herbs you still haven’t really dealt with the disruptive emotional aspect of the problem that is its true basis. So typically the pain comes back.

There’s something missing with this approach. What’s missing is that at its real essence, fibromyalgia pain is the experience of a pattern of energy. Intellectually understanding why you have it or where it is coming from doesn’t get rid of the energy.

That’s like understanding everything you can about a virus that is on your computer, the name of the virus, where it came from, how it is corrupting your files, etc. That doesn’t get rid of the virus. You have to run the appropriate anti-virus software to get rid of the virus. The computer code that makes up the virus is the pattern of energy, a pattern of zeros and ones that are on/off signals. In order to get rid of the virus and its harmful influences you have to disrupt or erase the energy pattern of the virus.

Anti-virus Software for Human Beings

It’s the same for humans. Our Inner Human Software needs to be properly debugged and upgraded. Traditional cognitive therapy doesn’t do that. It might provide some intellectual understanding or insights about the source of your fibromyalgia and perhaps some ideas for coping with it better. But using the techniques in the Awaken Your inner Greatness app is much more like running anti-virus software for humans that actually gets rid of the problem.

So the new approach that you are going to learn from this app is how to effectively resolve the disruptive emotional energy that IS what the fibromyalgia pain is made of. It is literally like running anti-virus software on yourself! It is going to wipe it off of your hard drive!!!

I know that it sounds too good to be true… but it is true. You don’t have to take my word for it. Just use the app, follow the instructions and see for yourself!

Upgrading Your Capacity to Feel Things

To the 3-year-old inside of you this doesn’t sound like a good idea at all. But you aren’t 3 years old any more even though you’ve had a inner 3-year-old running your emotional life up until now. It’s time for an upgrade. As an adult you have an enormous capacity to feel and resolve emotional pain. It’s just that this natural innate capacity has been quite under utilized in your life up until now. Now you’re going to learn how to use it. And what you’re going to discover is that with just a little bit of training and guidance, with an adult’s capacity to feel emotional energy patterns, now you can resolve the emotional pain and trauma at the basis of your fibromyalgia so that it is gone… permanently.

The Provocation Test

Making Sure That It’s Really Gone!

When the emotional pain is gone it will be a good idea to open your eyes and take a little break. At that point you will do a simple exercise to make sure that the problem is really resolved. We call it a “provocation test.”

With fibromyalgia this isn’t difficult. You simply notice the area where the pain was that you were using the IN Technique on and see if there’s any remaining pain. Check to see if you feel differently now. The most common report from people when they do this is… It’s completely gone. There’s no more pain. Wow! That’s incredible!

Multiple Areas of Pain

Then whenever you are ready, if you have another area of fibromyalgia pain, start the app again and guide yourself through the process again for each one. When you feel one, use the IN Technique and resolve it. You can resolve as many of your fibromyalgia pain energies as you feel comfortable to do in one sitting. That’s entirely up to you.

The first woman I helped to resolve her fibromyalgia pain with these techniques had numerous pain areas all over her torso and back. I taught her the techniques and we resolved a couple of the areas of pain at her first appointment. She said that she could continue on her own, which she did. She came back for a follow up 2 weeks later and all of her fibromyalgia pain was completely gone. Checking with her 3 months later the pain was still gone. You can have this same kind of result by just using the IN Technique in the app to resolve every area of fibromyalgia pain that you have.

Accessing the Energy fields of the Barriers

The IN Technique

Simply notice one of the areas of pain in your body. The pain area may feel like a tight knot or ball of energy. That’s the IN Technique energy that’s causing the pain. If you can feel something that seems localized or concentrated inside of your body then start the IN Technique and guide yourself through the resolution of this traumatic stress.

When you have finished resolving one area of your pain open your eyes.


You just vaporized the stresses that have been causing one of the areas of your fibromyalgia pain.

If for any reason the pain didn’t go away, you can get personalized 1-on-1 help from a Certified Inner Greatness Coach by using our on line booking form at the bottom of this page.

Once you have success with getting rid of your pain using the IN Technique with your Awaken Your Inner Greatness app then you can continue to use it until all of your fibromyalgia pain is really gone. And if you ever feel this kind of pain in the future you’ll know exactly what to do and you can always use the app for a reminder of the details.

May You Enjoy Your Life Completely Free of Fibromyalgia Pain

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