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There is an ancient way of understanding the details of your life and what causes the things that work and the things that aren’t working for you. This ancient method of knowing such details is scientific and is precisely calculated mathematically. It is over 10,000 years old.

Things that last a long time like this are those things that are the expressions to the truth. If they were not expressions of truth they wouldn’t last so long.

There is a simple way of understanding this. Think of the ocean tide. It rises and falls according to the phases of the moon. That means that the gravitational pull of the moon on the water in the ocean is different according to how close the moon is to the earth.

Now consider that human bodies are about 70% water. We can easily imagine that if the gravitational pull of the moon on the ocean changes the tides that in some similar way, it is also causing some kind of changes inside of us as it effects all of that water in our bodies.

And it is not just the moon that has effects on us but also the sun and all of the planets in the solar system.

This ancient science has been observing and studying these effects and calculating their influences for thousands of years. Over the thousands of years of its existence, this ancient science has become a very precise way to know just what influences are impacting your life and creating the positive and negative effects that such influences cause. The detailed and precise mathematical calculations of make it a method of understanding that has been influencing your life in the past as well as in the present and future. This is an amazing body of knowledge and is know to be the oldest tradition of such understanding in the world.

If that weren’t enough, it also includes procedures that have been developed that can neutralize any negative influences that are or will be coming to you. These procedures use the principle of wave interference  from physics to neutralize negative influences from the planets and to enhance positive influences.

So there are two important parts of this scientific  knowledge that are very valuable to know. The knowledge of what influences are and/or will be effecting you and how to modify such influences to neutralize anything negative and enhance anything positive.

You can understand the principle of wave interference as it is used in a popular product called a noise canceling headset.

The headset has a microphone built into it that picks up all of the sounds in the environment. The circuits in the headset let the frequencies of music and speaking be heard but it inverts the frequencies of noise like the high hiss and low rumble of the sounds that jet airplanes make. This can not only allow for having conversations, watching movies and listening to music but also reduces the stresses cause by the noises.

Using the same principle of wave interference, the ancient procedures use things like chanting of very specific sounds and other actions to neutralize the negative influences and strengthen the positive influences coming from the planets.

This might seem like a pretty subtle form of influencing what’s happening in your life but thousands of years of the development and use of these extraordinary procedures has repeatedly shown them to make powerful changes in people’s lives. The Sanskrit name of these procedures is “kameshtis.”

Inner Greatness Global has a collaboration with an expert in this field who is very knowledgeable named Ritesh Shukla. Together they have designed an introductory program that allows you to have the benefits of both a Scientific Life Assessment of what planetary influences are effecting you and also to receive the benefits of having a kameshti done with a group of others who had similar needs for modifying their planetary influences with a kameshti specifically designed to neutralize the negative and enhance the positive influences that are affecting your life.

This introductory program includes both a  Scientific Life Assessment chart and explanation as well as participation in a group kameshti for improving the planetary influences that are and will be effecting you now and in the future.

By providing a basic Scientific Life Assessment and a simple group kameshti it is possible to make this available at very low cost compared to the cost of having this done in the past. The Scientific Life Assessment is done both in writing and as a short video conferencing call over zoom. The group kameshti is done in India by highly trained experts who are the leading professions at doing this.

The cost for this unique and powerful way of transforming your life is only $135.00.

You can book an assessment and a kameshti, have a live interpretation of your Scientific Life Assessment by zoom and watch the performance of your Kameshti also on zoom for this one low price. (These won’t be at the same time)

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