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What is love?

The concept of “falling in love” is a mistaken notion. Love is a state of being but you don’t “fall into it.” The concept of falling in love means that you develop a desire to be with someone. It means that you have a kind of resonance with them. But there is really only one type of love which is unconditional. Everything else is need, attachment or identification.

We grow up in an environment typically without the benefit of experiencing Unconditional Love. Most of the ways that we relate to an intimate partner tend to be similar to those we grew up with seeing displayed by our parents. These conditioned ways of being are often quite limiting and even problematic.

A few of the intentions and barriers for being in a state of Unconditional Love include:

  • Staying Fully Present
  • Seeing the beauty  and perfection in everything
  • Consistently and naturally speaking the sweet truth

Staying Fully Present –

  • When I interact with my lover, I am fully present whatever the circumstances are.
  • I stay present even when my lover is upset or angry with me.
  • When my lover is upset, I stay fully present and hear his/her feelings. I don’t take it personally or get triggered into any emotional reaction myself.
  • I am completely free of resentments
  • I experience everyone as an aspect of my universal self
  • Individual Love is concentrated Universal Love
  • I naturally love everyone

And Many, Many more!

Seeing the beauty and perfection in everything –

I naturally see the beauty in everything and everyone.

  • I see each person’s inner greatness in whoever I am with even if the person doesn’t see it in themselves.
  • I often serve the purpose of being the representative of someone’s “higher self.”
  • I support everyone in living and enjoying the fullest possible expression of their inner greatness (Test for the number of INs and OUTs for this whole group of issues)

And lots more!

Consistently speaking the Sweet Truth

  • I always speak the sweet truth
  • Even if something needs to be said to someone that they initially don’t want to hear, I always express it in a way that allows them to hear it and respond optimally to it.

And lots more!

Intentions –

  • I am unconditional love
  • I live in a continuous state of love with total freedom and independence
  • I stay fully present in every aspect of my relationship

And a bunch more!

When you are finished course you can go deep into Pure Awareness and notice that it is the essential nature of what you really are. You’ll sense that love is a state of being – not a giving or getting. You’ll be able to notice that Pure Awareness is a natural state of Unconditional Love

You are indeed Unconditional Love!

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