Transform PTSD into Peace of Mind

A new way to really get rid of PTSD has been discovered.

Thousands of people have learned how to do this and you can too.

This breakthrough discovery was made by Tom Stone, founder and Chairman of Inner Greatness Global. Tom got shot in the chest by a deranged stranger in 1993 and had PTSD as a result of this shocking incident. Tom didn’t believe the psychological dogma of the psychological and medical communities that PTSD is incurable. So he did his own private research to find a cure for his own PTSD. And he found it! He discovered some simple insights and experimented in a new way to complete the incomplete experience of the “energy” that was causing the PTSD. The result was – no more nightmares, no more flashbacks, no more startle response, no more hyper-vigilance – no more PTSD symptoms at all. You can learn about how he discovered it here –

Tom’s Story

You can have a free demo session!

We will be doing free demo sessions within the context of a pilot study to see to quantify and validate the unprecedented relief from PTSD symptoms that have been seen in hundreds of cases using the Pure Awareness Techniques. This kinds of people with PTSD who have been helped includes active duty and veteran military personnel with combat stress, rape victims, crime victims, first responders, victims of natural disasters, and others with PTSD.

If you are suffering PTSD and would like to have a free demo session to get rid of the stresses that are causing the PTSD symptoms, send us an email using our Contact Us form below.

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