Transform Grief into Joy

We show people who are grieving new techniques to transform grief into joy.

How do we do that?

We use special new techniques called the Pure Awareness Techniques that approach the problem of grief in a whole new way that’s quite different and much more effective at resolving the underlying causes of the grief than traditional approaches.

When you were very young, you got emotionally overwhelmed many, many times and rapidly learned to try to suppress your emotional pain the best you could. You got good at that and now you do it without even realizing you are doing it.

Emotions have both content and energy. Most people focus on the content. That’s not very effective. It’s the energy of the emotion held in your body that gives life to it.

The Pure Awareness Techniques teach you how to to resolve the energy of the emotion and when the energy is gone the real basis of the grief is gone and… it doesn’t come back!

The best way to learn about this is to see a demo of how its used to transform grief into joy. You can even request to be a volunteer for one of these demos which are done on line via video conferencing.

To see a demo – sign up to our email list using the form below. Check the checkbox for Transform Grief into Joy and any of the other topics that interest you. We send out emails with the schedule of upcoming demos regularly so you can see what’s coming. We will also be putting the recordings of these demo sessions on web pages so that you can watch some of them right away if you like. Join our email list using the form at the bottom of this page to get announcements about availability of the demo recordings.

And if you’d like to volunteer to have one of these demos, just send us an email using our the form below. Include your city, time zone, and the best times you are usually available and we’ll let you know if that opportunity is still available. We do these fairly often so it very likely will be.

If you’d like to know even more about this before requesting to have a demo session there’s more detailed information on this page – Transform Grief into Joy.

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Transform suffering to Joy

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