Transform Grief into Joy Demo – Joan Schramm

This video is an excellent example of how we use new techniques to transform grief into joy. The demo session was done on May 31, 2018.  The volunteer for the demo was Joan Schramm. The first video is a short summary of the full session.

  You might like to see the follow up session that was done about 2 weeks after the initial demo session. Joan’s grief pain was completely gone, but visiting a viewing of the body of a friend who had died soon after the initial demo session had triggered a reaction that had sent Joan into a downward spiral of despair. We resolved that and she felt and looked much better. She was so grateful. Here’s the video of that follow up session.

Joan did REALLY great in both her first demo session and also in the follow up. We resolved all of the pain of her loss and when she thought about her husband’s death after that she said that pain was completely gone! AND… she was smiling and laughing by the end which she hasn’t done much of for the past 10 months since her husband passed away. She also had some anger about it seeming so unfair that he died and some fear about the uncertainty of how she was going to manage without him. We cleared the energy of those issue as well. By the end it was so great to see the difference. It was a very good example of transforming grief into joy. In this demo, Tom Stone, the founder of Inner Greatness Global and the creator of the Pure Awareness Techniques taught Joan how to do these techniques which she used to resolve the pain of loss, anger and the fear of uncertainty during the session. Tom provides a detailed  explanation of the process and the techniques as he was giving the demo. It is well worth watching the whole video.

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