Transform Chronic Pain into Ease and Comfort – MaryFrances Barbisan

MaryFrances experienced lots of traumas in her life. She had 9 car accidents in which she was in the passenger seat of the car, she was kit by an RV while riding a bike, she feel off the side of a mountain into a crevice, she had a divorce and then another painful relationship, deaths in the family, etc. Under the circumstances she had survived all of this and more with an excellent attitude of gaining a lot of personal growth as she dealt with so many painful experiences throughout her life. However, she had long term chronic back pain which in the past couple of years had been getting worse. We tested that the underlying causes of her pain were patterns of energy that very likely would respond to the use of the Pure Awareness Techniques so we began to use them with the intention to find and resolve the key energies that were the real causes of her continuing to be in pain. By the end of the session she was feeling a lot better. On the follow up call a couple of weeks later, she reported that the very focused are of pain had been at a severity level of 7 to 9 on a scale of 10 but only when she was getting up out of a chair or getting out of a car. Since the initial session it have changed and was much less but it seemed to have shifted off to the sides. So we worked on the remaining energy that was producing the pain and by the end of the session it was gone. We tested it by having her get up from her chair to see if there was any pain left. After completely this work all the pain was gone when you stood up. Here’s the video of that follow up call.

And here’s the video of the first session –

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