Transform Chronic Pain into Ease and Peace – Sharon Noh

Here’s another demo session on Transform Chronic Pain into Ease and Peace. Our volunteer is Sharon Noh from Korea. Sharon had a surgery about 3 years ago on her abdomen and since then she has been suffering from chronic pain in that area of her body. She wasn’t able to find a way to get rid of it. Medical examinations and testing couldn’t find any apparent physical cause. Here’s the short video of her follow up call done about 2 weeks after her initial demo session. She reported that her pain level had gone down from a 5 or 6 (which she had had for 3 years!) to less than 1. We did a quick tune up and even got rid of that during the follow up call so that the pain was really down to zero!

We did her session using the Pure Awareness Techniques to resolve the traumatic stresses that were the root cause of her pain and in just this one session all of her pain was gone! She was totally amazed and super happy. You can watch the transformation happen right during the session in the video below.

If you have chronic pain or any of the other problems listed below, you can also have a free demo session to see if these new extraordinary techniques can help resolve you problem too. We are seeing unprecedented positive results. So why not give it a try yourself?

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