Transform Anxiety into Serenity Demo – Dezi Koster

This is an excellent example of how we use the extraordinary Pure Awareness Techniques to transform anxiety into serenity. Start by watching this short video of a follow up call with our volunteer for this demo – Dezi Koster. As you will see, her demo session was very successful.

All of her anxiety is completely gone! Have a look –

The initial demo session was done on May 30th 2018.  Dezi was having anxiety about the uncertainty of her future. The result of the session is an amazing transformation from anxiety to serenity. She sent a message after the session in which she said –

Thank you Tom Stone!! It made such a profound difference!

Feeling so much lighter! Lots of love Dezi xxx

Here’s the full video of her demo session –

This video lasts about a hour and 18 minutes. Tom Stone, the founder of Inner Greatness Global and the creator of the Pure Awareness Techniques that are used in the demo is giving the session. Tom provides a detailed  explanation of the process and the techniques as he is giving the demo. It is well worth watching the whole video. At several points during the video when Dezi is doing the techniques there were periods of her sitting with her eyes closed that have been edited out so that you don’t have to wait through those parts of the video when it seems like nothing is happening. On the contrary, Dezi is very engaged in doing what Tom is instructing, but it is an inward experience.

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