Transform Anxiety into Serenity – Kathleen Fanning

We provide new techniques for transforming Suffering into Joy

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We are offering free demonstration sessions as part of a series of studies we are doing to validate and quantify the utterly amazing positive results that we are seeing from the use of our new techniques called the Pure Awareness Techniques. We are getting rid of problems like anxiety, depression, grief, chronic pain, etc. in just one session even by doing the sessions via video conferencing.

Unprecedented Positive Results

This is producing unprecedented results that are almost hard to believe could be possible. It’s a major breakthrough, a completely new way of getting at and resolving the real underlying causes of problems that are created by emotional stress. The now famous ACE Study proves that unresolved stress and traumas from childhood is major contributing factors to mental and physical health problems in adult life. But up until now there have not been effective ways of getting rid of the damaging effects of these stresses. Well, there’s so really good news. A highly effective way to do that has been discovered. In this demo we resolved the underlying emotional stresses that were causing Kathleen’s anxiety. After the session she felt that the anxiety was gone. Take a look!

Get a Free Demo Yourself!

The online demo sessions are completely free. New topics are being added to our series of studies from time to time with corresponding free demo sessions becoming available for each new topic. You can have a free demo session yourself with Tom or one of his highly experienced expert Certified Inner Greatness Coaches by sending us an email using our Contact us form below. Include your first and last name, the city where you live, the time zone you are in and a brief description of what it is that you’d like to work on. The list of topics for the demo sessions that are currently available is below.
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