This psgr contains a Once-in-a-Lifetime-Opportuity

Three years ago, the rebels destroyed the Death Star.

Thanks to a perfect shot from rebel pilot Luke Skywalker, this horrible weapon of mass destruction has exploded into a million pieces, and the galaxy is saved – for now.

But the evil Empire has not been defeated yet. Therefore, the rebels are hiding in their secret base on the ice planet Hoth. Luke is among them. One night, he ventures on a mission to destroy a spying probe droid that the Empire has sent to the planet, but as he is doing so he gets lost in the icy wild. As the night gets darker, he is slowly succumbing to hypothermia and almost freezes to death.

At that critical moment, the Force Spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobi, his former mentor who is now deceased, appears before his eyes.

Obi-Wan tells him that he must go to the swamp planet Dagobah, to train as a Jedi Knight under master Yoda. Luke understands the message and he knows that Obi-Wan is right. He feels his purpose is to fight the Empire, and he knows that he is a talented warrior, but he also knows that he isn’t well-developed enough yet to stand a chance. Beating Darth Vader isn’t easy.

So he calls his robot friend R2-D2, gets aboard his X-wing Starfighter, and makes the long galactic journey to Dagobah.

Once he gets there, the planet is so damp and swampy that he can’t see a thing – and he makes a crash-landing. He wanders through the jungle, not knowing what to do. After hours of walking, he comes across a weird, green, wrinkly little creature. This creature makes a mess of everything and can hardly form an intelligible sentence.

Luke tells him: ‘I am looking for someone.’

‘Looking? Found someone you have, I would say, huhuhu!’

Luke follows the creature to his hut, enjoys a very primitive jungle meal there, and then finds out a big surprise. This weird wrinkly creature is the great Jedi master Yoda himself!

And that is how Luke finds his mentor.

Yoda teaches him how to fight like a Jedi, how to use the Force, how to make a Starship levitate, and most importantly, how to control his anger. He prepares Luke for his confrontation with Darth Vader. He prepares him for fulfilling his purpose.

If you want to know the rest of the story, you’re gonna have to watch the movie yourself.

People have known this for ages. That is why the mentor is one of the famous archetypes in every ancient story. That is why Star Wars is so popular.

Given the fact that you are reading this, you are probably on a journey yourself. A path of inner transformation, where you have to confront your shadows and look at parts of yourself that you have been running away from all your life.

This can be pretty difficult.

One of the reasons this path is tricky is that you have never done something like this before. You have no frame of reference for how this works.

To make matters worse, your friends and family in all likelihood also haven’t gone through this journey. So the people whose advice you’ve counted on all your life suddenly can’t help you out anymore.

To help you out on this inner path, I am starting a new live online course this very Saturday. It is called the Perfection and True Awakening Course. For 8 months, I will host a meeting on Zoom every week where we will discuss how to face your own shadows. How to feel your suppressed emotions and how to resolve your ego-based thoughts – your false ideas about yourself and the world, your false expectations and projections of negative outcomes onto the future.

I have never done something like this before. This is not an introductory course, like the Freedom Practice. We are going to go very deep with a small group of people who are ready for that.

This course is only for people willing to go into the deeper stages of awakening. It requires courage and vulnerability.

That is also why you only have one chance to join this course – by signing up before the coming Saturday.

The reason for that is as follows. The stories, problems and fears that we will share with one another as a group are meant to stay within this group. Having a group with like-minded spiritual seekers is one of the things that makes the course so valuable: you will have a network of people going through the same things as you. You can learn from their experiences. Hearing about their barriers and seeing them resolve it during the meetings can often be exactly the key you need to solve your own issues that you are stuck with.

But the kind of depth that we will go into in this course is only possible with a group where everyone is vulnerable and all participants share the things they’re struggling with.

Therefore, I will not sell this course as a series of recorded videos later on. You cannot get the course afterwards if you were not a part of the group. In this way, every participant can have the maximum security in sharing themselves. This means that the only way to follow this course is to be there live.

That’s why this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: you can be a part of it by signing up for the course before this coming Saturday, the 29th of July.

To find out more about the course there is a detailed description here –

More about – The Perfection & True Awakening program



P.S.: The first six people to sign up get a FREE one-on-one session with me. Normally, I charge 500 dollars for that, but if you are one of the first people to join the course, you get it for free. There are still a few spots left, so check out the web page before it is too late!


Full price for this new version of the Perfection & True Awakening – $597 

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Lots of love to you and…

See you soon



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