The 12 Traumas Assessment

The Real Root of Your Problems

The origin of your conditioning started with having emotionally pains experiences when you were very young. When these painful things happened they were overwhelming. They were just too much for you to process right when they occurred. And due to having the conditioning of Suppression and Avoidance you didn’t complete the experience of the emotional disturbance at the time. You kept it inside of you, maybe even thinking that you handled it by suppressing it right away. But you didn’t really handle it. You just stored an incomplete experience that is an emotionally traumatic pattern of energy still held inside of your body. Ever since each such experience happened, you’ve been doing your best to not ever have to feel it again.

These are the 12 Traumas that are at the basis of the 12 Fears and the 12 Habits which create the 12 Causes of Human Problems.

Take the assessment below and you will receive a list of resources that can help you to eliminate the energy fields of these old traumatic stresses. When you have finished using one of the resources take the assessment again. On your personal results page you will be able to graphically see your progress.

Answer the questions below by rating them on a scale of 0 to 10

0 means not at all

10 means maximum

[assessment name=’The12 Traumas’ 10_bar=”true”]

@ I often feel isolated and alone
@ There are times when I have been excluded or even ostracized
@ It is common that I find things that happened to be surprising or even shocking
@ Sometimes I feel desperate when I don’t get what I expect from life
@ I frequently feel lonely
@ I often get disappointed
@ Certain circumstances make me feel vulnerable
@ I have had experiences of being or feeling like I was abandoned
@ I experience life as painful
@ I have had several experiences of being betrayed
@ I have sometimes been emotionally wounded
@ Even though I do my best to not feel them I know I still have some old deep hurts from the past

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