The 12 Habits Assessment

Resolving the different aspects of the 12 Causes of Human Problems

When someone goes through the program for resolving the 12 Causes of Human Problems, this has a powerful impact on improving their access and use of their brainpower. It significantly upgrades the level to which they live in Pure Awareness all the time and it serves as a major jump start for all of the other programs that use the integrated techniques of QEO and IGO such as – Optimize Your Life, Extraordinary Performance, Extraordinary Relationships, Using More of Your Brainpower, Permanent Pure Awareness, etc.

Some significant insights have made it possible to do this. One of the insights is that there are two basic components to each of the 12 Causes of Human Problems. One component is pre-verbal conditioning that creates the 12 Habits. The experiences that are at the root of the conditioning are the 12 Traumas and the resulting 12 Fears. There is an important difference between the Conditioning/Habits and the Traumas/Fears. The difference is in the kind of energy patterns that comprise these two aspects of the Causes and most importantly the understanding of which technology works to resolve each aspect.

The sequence of how all of this gets created is:

  • You first have the Traumas such as frequently being emotionally overwhelmed
  • Such experiences immediately produce the Fears
  • Because these experiences happen many times and the fear reactions happen over and over again, you become deeply conditioned to make decisions and take actions based on the 12 Fears
  • This produces the conditioning and the conditioning results in the Habits

Do You Still Have Any of These Habits?

This assessment is for seeing to what extent you are living your life based on the habits that result from the deep and invisible conditioning of the 12 Causes.

Take the assessment and then if possible have some sessions with a Certified Inner Greatness Coach using both the QEO and the Pure Awareness Techniques to remove the energy patterns and disruptive emotions that are at the basis of these habits and that hold them in place. The effect is incredibly liberating.

When you have finished getting rid of all of the energy patterns of the 12 Habits take the assessment again so you can see the quantification of the transformation that will have taken place.

The Assessment

Answer the questions below by rating them on a scale of 0 to 10

0 means not at all

10 means maximum

[assessment name=’The12 Habits’ 10_bar=”true”]

@ I have a habit of trying hard to make things turn out the way that I want them to be
@ I have a habit of dismissing most things that are not already part of my current world view
@ It feels like my body, mind, thoughts, feelings, plans and goals are all important parts of who I am
@ When things don’t happen the way that I want them to it’s upsetting to me
@ I feel that I am an individual, separate from everyone else
@ Getting my needs met is very important to me
@ I prefer not to rock the boat but to keep things stable
@ I know that I sometimes hold myself back and that I’m not as powerfully expressed in the world as I could be
@ When I have strong emotions my tendency is to avoid them at all costs
@ I often doubt myself and my ideas
@ I have a habit of judging others and judging myself
@ I keep myself busy and engaged in something pretty much most of the time

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