The 12 Fears Assessment

Losing the Experience of Wholeness

All problems are caused by the loss of the experience of Wholeness. They are all illusory. In order to have a problem you have to have at least 2 things that are in conflict with each other. When you seem to have a problem it is because you have lost the experience that you and the thing you are experiencing are actually part of the same wholeness. As amazing as it may seem, even the most extreme problems are all caused by illusions of separateness.

The scope of the traumas, fears, patterns of conditioning and habits that people have will of course go well beyond the 12 basic ones represented on the chart above. But these 12 tend to be at the basis of pretty much all of the others that you will find when doing IGO work.

For example when you are not following your intuition, you don’t trust and act on your instincts consistently, you have trouble standing up for yourself and being true to yourself. You will have a tendency to want to avoid confrontation and conflict; you will have a habit of doubting yourself. You will tend to not have clear distinctions between intuitive ideas vs. fantasies and expectations that you make up in your mind, etc.

The 12 Fears on the chart above are the most basic of the many fears that people have. This assessment is designed to help quantify to what extent you still have any of these 12 fundamental fears. It is also designed so that you can use the IGO resources listed on your personal private results page and then take the assessment again to see how much you have reduced the fears.

Answer the questions below by rating them on a scale of 0 to 10

0 means not at all

10 means maximum

[assessment name=’The12 Fears’ 10_bar=”true”]

@ I sometimes fear that I won’t get what I want
@ I have my own ideas about how things should be and it bothers me and even scares me when people try to convince me to see things their way
@ I’m get anxious when I don’t know what’s going to happen
@ I feel like I need to be in control and I’m afraid that I might lose control
@ I’m afraid of being alone.
@ I’m afraid that I won’t have enough or that I won’t get my needs met
@ I’m afraid of change and instability
@ I’m afraid of being left out, isolated or abandoned
@ I’m afraid of being emotionally overwhelmed
@ I’m afraid of possible negative consequences of taking action on my creative or intuitive ideas
@ If its going to be painful then I’d rather not know the truth
@ I afraid of feeling painful feelings so I do my best to avoid them

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