The TraumAway Masterclass Series

The TraumAway Masterclass Series is a group of short courses each designed to reduce the level of severity of one trauma symptom. This can be a valuable approach whether you have been diagnosed with PTSD or not.

The first course in the series is free and provides both an orientation about what will happen in the classes and the explanation of how we will handle the prioritization and order in which to take the classes.

Each of these short courses for the symptom severity reduction includes a 1-on-1 session with one of our TraumAway expert coaches who will guide you through learning and using some new unique experiential techniques to quickly and permanently reduce the severity level of your symptom down to zero. That basically means that the symptom is gone. You will be amazed at how fast and how well the Pure Awareness techniques work. Once you see how well and how quickly this works, you will be inspired to choose which symptom to resolve next.

The series is designed so that you can take these short courses in whatever order you want so that you can start with getting rid of the symptom that is causing you the most discomfort or pain first. However, it is best to wait for one week before deciding on the next symptom to conquer until you take the week to experience that the first symptom is now much less or even gone completely!

And, it  turns out that getting rid of the traumatic stress energies that cause one PTSD symptom often reduces the severity of other PTSD symptoms as well. The same traumas often contribute to cause multiple symptoms.

The TraumAway course series is designed to take advantage of this. There is not much point in spending the time and money for a 22 lesson course if you really only need 7 or so lessons.

So, for example, let’s say that you decide to take the No More Nightmares course first. And let’s say that you resolve five traumas that have been causing your nightmares during your first 1-on-1 session. You take a week to see how what you have done effects your nightmares. You will be amazed at the result. It is quite common that your nightmares will be gone… for good.

After a week, you retake the TraumAway assessment again and you will see that now you can rate nightmares at zero. But you will very likely also find that some of the other symptoms have also reduced in severity.

For example, you may also have been having flashbacks during the day. It is common that the traumas causing your flashbacks, may be the same as the ones that were causing your nightmares, so when the nightmares are gone, the flashbacks are often also gone as well or at least greatly reduced in severity.

And it could also work the other way, so that you choose the No More Flashbacks course first and it also gets rid of your nightmares. And those same traumas may have been contributing to other PTSD symptoms as well. Retaking the assessment and comparing it to the initial assessment that you took at the beginning will reveal which symptoms have been reduced and which ones still need their severity levels reduced or eliminated. You do this again after each course to get maximum value from the TraumAway Masterclass Series.

The design of this group of courses makes it possible to take advantage of this positive effect of resolving some traumas having a positive effect on reducing the severity levels of other symptoms. This makes it unlikely that you will need to take all 22 courses. Most people can get it done in 5 to 10 courses at most.

 You can also take the courses at your own pace, giving you time to live with the results of the first course for longer than a week if you chose to, so you can experience the impact that has had and how it has affected your other trauma caused symptoms.

When taking the assessment, you rate the severity level of each of your symptoms from 0 to 10.  When you take the assessment again a week after each course you can easily see which symptom to work on next.

These are the 22 symptoms for rating the severity levels that are listed in the assessment in five categories:


  1. Frequently having upsetting thoughts or memories about events
  2. Having recurring nightmares
  3. Acting or feeling as though the event(s) were happening again (flashback)
  4. Having a strong feeling of distress when reminded of the traumatic event
  5. Physical response, such as higher heart rate, sweating etc. to reminders of events 


  1. Making effort to avoid thoughts, feeling or conversations about the event(s)
  2. Making efforts to avoid places or people that remind you of the event(s)
  3. Having a difficult time remembering important parts of the event(s)
  4. A loss of interest in important, once positive, activities
  5. Feeling distant from others
  6. Having difficulties having positive feelings, such as happiness or love
  7. Feeling as though your life may be cut short


  1. Having a difficult time falling or staying asleep
  2. Feeling more irritable or having outbursts of anger
  3. Having difficulty concentrating
  4. Feeling constantly “on guard” or that danger is lurking around every corner
  5. Being “jumpy” or easily startled

Other /Disruptive Emotions:

  1. Easily/frequently feeling resigned that you will never fully recover.
  2. Easily/frequently getting anxious
  3. Easily/frequently getting depressed
  4. I have grief and feel the pain of loss of people I cared about who have died

Complex PTSD

  1. Have been diagnosed as having complex PTSD

There is a TraumAway course for each of these symptoms starting with whichever one you want to take first.

The orientation class, which is free, is a separate training by itself that has to be taken as a prerequisite to all of the others. You only need to take the orientation class once. 

Then each course will describe the nature of that trauma and how we are going to resolve its pattern of energy.

Then we will do a 1-on-1 session either privately or with a group of participants who follow along. We will resolve the traumas that are causing the severity of that symptom. Then we will wait a week and redo the assessment. This will give us an awareness of what other symptoms were also reduced from resolving that trauma or those traumas handled in that session. It will also help to make clear what the priority topic is for the next session.


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to learn and apply the new techniques that resolve trauma symptoms easier, faster and more completely over the next several weeks until all of your trauma symptom severity levels are at zero.

In this process you will reduce the level of severity of 22 trauma symptoms resulting in living a more enjoyable and more normal life than even before your traumatic experiences.

This is a proven program for truly conquering PTSD/Trauma vastly more quickly, easily and permanently than any previous approach.

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