The Danger of Doing Nothing


The Danger of Doing Nothing


Why are you not taking action?

This is an important question.

It is probably a question that you ask yourself as well.

“Why am I not taking action?” You can feel the stagnation. You can feel that your life isn’t going anywhere – or at least that it is not going as well as you want it to go. You can feel your bones and limbs and muscles snuggling in the warm embrace of sleep and inactivity.

Perhaps you have been telling yourself for years that you want to start exercising and you still haven’t started. Or you have gone to the gym three times in four years and not followed through. For the gym, you are a sponsor instead of a sporter.

Maybe you have been feeling sick or sick-ish or weak for a long time. And you have not been able to turn it around. Couldn’t develop a healthier lifestyle, eat better, move more, drink less, feel fitter. Didn’t find the strength to make a change.

Or maybe you are struggling with your mental health

You feel depressed. You sit in bed for hours during the day, or slouch away like a weak potato on your L-shaped couch, or stare your day away at an endless mindless array of YouTube videos over and over and over again.

You want to live different. But you can’t find the energy. You can’t pull yourself up by your own bootstraps.

How is this possible?

You can feel your problem clearly. You sense the pain of your sickness or weakness or depression, and you know how much better your life would be if you could turn it around.

But you don’t do that.


Because you are not aware of the DANGER of doing nothing.

You might feel a little bit that not acting is a problem, but you don’t realize to the full extent that doing nothing is exactly the reason why you are wasting your life.

If you saw clearly how the coming years are going to play out if you keep doing nothing, you would act right away. Once you see how miserable 5 more years of depression or 10 more years of living like a lifeless couch potato will be, it becomes impossible to not act.

All you need to do right now is make a start. Make a beginning. Start exercising for two minutes. Call a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Send out that job application. Practice the Pure Awareness techniques. You don’t have to force anything. Just do whatever this moment, right now, needs from you.

Don’t try to be perfect. Just make a beginning.

I have something for you that might just make the difference.

It is a 9-day Kameshti that I am organizing this coming week. It starts tomorrow.

A Kameshti is a ritual from Vedic Astrology that uses the principle of wave interference to improve your life. The purpose of a Kameshti is to create the right kind of wave interference to cancel out anything that is in the way of fulfilling your desires – and to strengthen the energies within you that support the fulfillment of your desires.

There are patterns of energy within your own system and in the world around you that are the result of influences from your actions in the past. These patterns of energy could be causing your health to be worse than it would naturally be if they were not there. If you feel that your life is stagnating, that you are doing nothing and that your inactivity is holding you back, this is the result of a pattern of energy in your system. This pattern of energy is blocking you from taking action and making a change.

(This is a crucial understanding. Just trying to start a new habit or to think differently, like most coaches and self-help gurus recommend, won’t do the trick, because your problem is for a huge part an energetic problem.)

The Kameshti will create new patterns of energy that exactly cancel out the energies that are holding you and your health back.

Another thing a Kameshti can do is strengthen the supportive energies that are already within your system. This is called constructive wave interference. In this manner, a Kameshti could make the healing energies within your body stronger and improve your mental and physical health as well.

The ancient Indian seers who came up with the Kameshti ritual were so sensitive and intuitive that they could exactly see what the energetic effect was of all the aspects of the ritual: the objects used, the Sanskrit sounds uttered, with the right intonation, rhythm and sequences of sounds to create the desired effect. Therefore, they knew how they could use a Kameshti to influence the ability to improve people’s lives.

And today, you have the opportunity to benefit from this wisdom that has stood the test of more than 20 centuries.

Stop doing nothing

Take action. Make a change. Do what your life is asking you to do. The upcoming Kameshti will help you with that.

There are several ways in which not doing can hold you back. One way is what I have described above: not exercising, not moving, not reaching out to your friends, not applying for that new job, et cetera.

Another way to hold yourself back is by not taking action when your mind or spirit needs that from you. For example, by not signing up for this Kameshti.

The upcoming Kameshti might exactly be what you need right now. Use the KNOWING technique that I teach. Ask your intuition if this Kameshti is what you need. And if your intuition says yes, don’t listen to your ego-based doubts, follow through and sign up for the Kameshti.

Kameshtis are one of the most powerful ways in which you can change your life. That is why I am organizing it. Organizing it is a huge hassle for me. I have to hire a Brahmin priest which is very expensive, and we have to prepare the space where the ritual is conducted, which takes a lot of time. Honestly, it would be easier for me to just do my private sessions with clients and sell courses. But I have the strong and clear feeling that I should organize this Kameshti.

I don’t know of anyone else who makes Kameshtis available for a worldwide audience like I am doing right now. Usually, you need to be in some kind of inner circle. You have to know the right kind of people. Then you can hire a priest and get the location that is required to host a Kameshti. This is impossible for most people, and also very expensive.

That is why I am doing this group Kameshti. I wanted to make this Kameshti available for as many people as possible. In the past, I have charged 100 dollars for a one-day Kameshti. But right now, you can participate in this 9-day Kameshti for as little as 10 bucks.

Know that this particular Kameshti is an opportunity that will only come once in a lifetime. At this moment Saturn and the other planets and stars are aligned in such a way that it supports this Kameshti aimed at improving your health.

You can’t get the benefit from this particular health-focused Kameshti on another moment, later in time. It is not like a magazine subscription that you could also start two months from now. It is now or never. That’s why I encourage you to sign up if your intuition tells you that it would be right for you to participate.

How to participate?

Like I said, this Kameshti will start Monday 18 September. At the beginning of the Kameshti, a list is read of all the participants, so that they are included in the ritual and can benefit from it. This is called the Sankalpa. In order to benefit from the Kameshti, you don’t need to be there or to watch it on a video recording. It will not cost you any time. All you need is to be on that list.

I am printing the list of participants on Monday in the Indian Time Zone. The first day (September 18th is a kind of preparatory day So the ceremonies actually begin on the 19th. That means the deadline to sign up for this Kameshti is

Monday 6 PM Pacific Time

That means the deadline is tomorrow

All you need to do to sign up is make a voluntary contribution. You can choose yourself how much you contribute. Feel free to make a lower contribution if that fits best with your income situation. You can also contribute for friends and family and they don’t even have to know (in case they don’t get this kind of stuff). And if you are one of the wealthier type of people and feel like contributing more, that is also appreciated, of course.

Here are the links for making donations. Thanks for your support for this amazing process. It’s very good karma to do this and it will come back to you in a myriad of ways.

Donation links

10,000 – Kameshti Donation Link – $10,000.00

5,000 – Kameshti Donation Link – $5,000.00

2,500 – – Kameshti Donation Link – $2,500.00

1,000 – Kameshti Donation Link – $1,000.00

500 – Kameshti Donation Link – $500.00

250 – Kameshti Donation Link – $250.00

100 – Kameshti Donation Link – $100.00

50 – Kameshti Donation Link – .$50.00

25 – Kameshti Donation Link – $25.00

25 – Kameshti Donation Link – $10.00

When the kamesthi is done, I’ll be eager to hear from you iin the days and weeks that follow, if you feel differently and are starting to take action. I’ll share people’s responses with you in an email. It would be nice to include one from you. You might just be amazed at what a difference this will make.



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