Success 101 – Sunil Varma

Sunil had been feeling stuck. He wanted to be really fully empowered and fully expressing his inner greatness but he felt held back and didn’t now what to do to get unstuck. We identified the primary root causes of the stuckness and resolved them “energetically.” Intellectual approaches don’t really work for doing this and most people try to resolve things with the intellect by default without success. In the this short follow up video, Sunil reports that he is feeling so much better and feels like those blocks are really gone now. He’s so impressed with what we did that he wants to learn to do it himself as a new career! Here’s the follow up video –

And here’s the video of his demo session –

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If you are feeling held back and things just aren’t happening the way you would like them too, see if the free demo opportunity is still available. It may be because I’m doing a lot of these on various topics. This is a great way to have people be able to see how the use of the incredibly effective Pure Awareness Techniques makes it possible to get breakthroughs that have been difficult or impossible to get in the past. 

If you have any of the other problems listed below, and you’d love to get a real breakthrough to overcome that, you can also have a free demo session to see if these new extraordinary techniques can help resolve you problem too. We are seeing unprecedented positive results. So why not give it a try yourself?

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