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This page is for people who are eager to get a breakthrough

If that’s you, then it will be well worth it to read this whole page and watch the demo video below that shows a new way to get that breakthrough you’ve been needing. 

Wai’s demo session was more advanced than many of the other demo sessions that I have been doing. There’s some fascinating stuff in here that will be of interest to you if you have learned Inner Greatness Optimizing (IGO) (formerly Human Software Engineering – HSE) in the past, or if you are interested in learning it. You can start with the video or read more about it first below. 

Do you feel held back? You are in the business of helping people solve problems or fulfill their desires and you want to get more clients but the things that you are trying just aren’t working well enough, if at all? This can be frustrating… discouraging. You know that what you have is awesome and it can really help people. But for some unexplained reason you just can’t seem to find that magic formula that brings in the business. 

When you are stuck in a state like this, you need to realize that there’s something in your decision making process that is causing you to make inadvertent and costly mistakes. You are not getting the return on your investment of time and effort that you want.

The cause of this is that you are making your decisions based on the wrong kinds of thoughts.

You have four kinds of thoughts that influence your decisions.

  1. Practical thoughts
  2. Intuitive thoughts
  3. Ego based thoughts
  4. Emotional pain based thoughts

Practical and intuitive thoughts are useful. Ego based and emotional pain based thoughts are not useful and are the ones that lead the decisions that are working. You are so used to having all four kinds of thoughts all of your life that you think they are all normal. You’re not sure when you make a decisions how it’s going to turn out. You don’t know how to distinguish how your thoughts are influencing your decisions.

Now there’s a way to know which kind of thought you are having and get good at stopping making ego and emotional pain based decisions. This naturally results in decisions that are increasingly based on practical and intuitive thoughts. This leads to fewer mistakes and a lot more success.

Wai learned (IGO) some years ago at trainings that I gave in the UK. He loved it and dedicated himself to getting really good at it. He started a practice and got great results. His client’s loved the breakthroughs that got with his guidance and raved about him. But something happened in the past year and business had dropped off.

At the beginning of the demo, Wai said it quite well. He said – brain surgeons don’t operate on themselves and dentists don’t do their own root canals. He needed a bit of help. So that’s why he jumped on the chance to grab one of these free demo sessions when I offered them. I think you will find it fascinating.

Get your own Free Demo now!

If you are feeling held back and things just aren’t happening the way you would like them too, see if the free demo opportunity is still available. It may be because I’m doing a lot of these on various topics. This is a great way to have people be able to see how the use of the incredibly effective Pure Awareness Techniques makes it possible to get breakthroughs that have been difficult or impossible to get in the past. 

If you have any of the other problems listed below, and you’d love to get a real breakthrough to overcome that, you can also have a free demo session to see if these new extraordinary techniques can help resolve you problem too. We are seeing unprecedented positive results. So why not give it a try yourself?

Just send us an email using the form below. Include your first and last name, the city where you live, your time zone, the best times that you are available and the topic you’d like to get help with. We’ll get back to you with a suggested time for your free session.

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