Stories – Tom’s story #2

Story 2

Erasing the Sins of the Past

(Not yet finished)

At a certain point, Shastri told me a story that he got from the palm bark strip inscriptions. In that story, I was the son of one of the ancient seers who cognized the Vedas, and I had my personal guru named Agustya. As a part of my initiation into becoming a spiritual seer myself, Agustya assigned me the task of walking along the Narmada River that cuts across the middle of India from west to east, and I was to walk along one side of the river, visiting the various temples on that side of the river and when I reached the end of the river, I was to walk in the other direction on that opposite side. Along the way I came to a temple devoted to the god Shiva. There were dancers there who were all wives of Shiva, but it was acceptable for these dancers to have sex with a man and even have children by him. But the dancers were supposed to never leave the temple permanently.

One of the dancers and I became deeply involved and at a certain point we left the temple together. This was not at all permissible and everyone seemed to know about it anywhere that we went. People knowing that we were “breaking the rules” they treated us as outcasts.

We couldn’t make any kind of a life and were having trouble surviving. So at a certain point we decided to separate and I left her alone. According to the Nadi information this dancer became a prostitute just to survive.

And in this life I met the incarnation of the Shiva dancer in an interesting way.

I have a special set of techniques for resolving hidden emotions that have been so deeply suppressed from infancy that people don’t even know that these energies are inside of them. I call it your inner emotional landscape.

I had been invited to teach my course on how to access and resolve these deeply suppressed emotional energies in Germany several times.

And then I was asked to teach one of my seminars in Switzerland. Prior to the start of that seminar, I had a strong intuition that I was to meet someone there with whom I had some kind of very significant connection.

I arrived at the seminar room and looked around the room. There were about 25 or so people but I didn’t sense a feeling of deep connection with any of them. Then just before I started to teach a lovely woman came into the class room and the sense of connection with her was powerful.

She joined me to share a pizza at lunch time in a nearby restaurant. Later she drove me into the town nearby and we got coffee and pastries. On the way back to the seminar room I said to her that it felt to me like we had some connection from some past lives. She said she felt that too. Her name is Pavla, and in this life she was originally from Czechoslovakia. She speaks Chech, German, Swiss-German and English.

When the seminar was over, we parted ways and started to communicate by email. At one point she told me that when she left the seminar in Switzerland that she cried for a long time as she felt lots of emotions from our separating.

We continued to write to each other, and it was some months before I went back to Germany to teach another seminar. She came to that seminar, and we were both so happy to see each other. We went to dinner by car with some of the other students from the seminar and we sat in the back seat of the car. We held hands and it was the most passionate holding of hands I had ever experienced. It really turned me on and it was obvious that she was having the same experience.

We spent some intimate time together in my room at the hotel that night where the German seminar was being held. We didn’t have sex but had just about everything short of that. We were making a kind of feeble attempt not violate our commitments as we were both married. Somehow, our connection was so strong that we just couldn’t avoid the intimacy.

Again, we parted ways at the end of the seminar both feeling strong feelings of disappointment about having to part.

As it turned out, I needed some dental work, a couple of teeth needed to be extracted and the replacements of these teeth would ideally be made of Zirconium.

At that time Zirconium implants were not available in the USA. But they were already being used in Germany. I really needed to get two teeth extracted and replaced with the Zirconium implants so I arranged to go to one of the best “biological dentists” in Germany near Hamburg. The need for this created a justification to get back to Germany and see Pavla again. I arranged everything including staying in a small bed and breakfast place at the dental office so I could recover from the dental surgery for a few days.

Pavla took me to the dental clinic and stayed with me during the few days of recovery. She then drove me to Frankfurt where I caught my flight back to the USA and she went back to Switzerland.


(There’s a lot more to this story not written yet.)







This is the end of story 2

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