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Advanced Waveform Optimizing

A unique process of transforming human life in remarkable ways

At the Ancient Wisdom Institute, we are engaged in updating the translations and explanations of the oldest known body of knowledge on Earth. This is the knowledge contained in the Vedic literature. Although written down for the first time around 1200 BCE some estimates are that the Vedas originated 40,000 years ago and were passed down from generation to generation by a memorized oral tradition.

Some very wise scientists in ancient India who created the Vedic literature, created within it procedures using some basic principles of physics to cancel out the energies of unwanted influences and optimize the energies of positive influences in people’s lives. They called these procedures kameshtis which is a Sanskrit word comprised of two words – “kama” – which means desire and – “eshti” which means fulfillment. So a kameshti is a procedure for supporting the fulfillment of your desires.

They used what we now attribute to Sir Isaac Newton as his third law of motion and the principle of wave interference from physics in these procedures to cancel or strengthen the energy patterns that are the reactions from actions in the past. They were using these laws of nature long before the field of physics was developed in modern times.

These scientists of ancient India who cognized these energy transforming processes seemed to have had incredibly refined and clear consciousness. Apparently, they could not only see things, but they could also hear the subtle sounds made by the vibratory waves of energy that make up everything. They could also hear and understand the subtle effects of the interactions between objects used in their procedures like fruits, flowers, rice, fire, water, etc. and the effects that the chanting of different sounds combined with certain actions was done during the procedures.

We know from physics that everything that exists is in its essence a pattern of vibrating energy. We think of matter as solid, but it is not. The energy patterns that create what we call matter move so fast and are so tiny that our physical senses can’t see them.

The ancient Vedic scientists who developed these procedures must have had such highly developed consciousness that they could sense the vibratory energies that create everything and of the combined influences of the interactions of sounds, objects and actions. Basically, they were masters of the laws of the branch of physics that in modern language is called wave interference.

Modernizing the understanding of ancient Vedic Rituals.

In our modern times we are using the laws of wave interference to create various technologies such as lasers and noise canceling headsets, etc. But the ancient Vedic scientists discovered that through making the right sequences of sounds and actions with the right objects that they could use their human bodies to function like a noise canceling headset and cancel out any detrimental returning influences of past actions. They also discovered how to increase the power of the returning influences of actions that have a positive effect on all of the different aspects of life.

Newton’s third law of motion indicates that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If you throw a tennis ball at a wall, it bounces back. This is basically the physics of karma. We don’t have a word in English that represents the full meaning of the Sanskrit word karma. Karma is translated as action. but it also includes what can be called the fruits of actions. This means the equal and opposite reactions of the returning influences of every action we take. Think of it like hitting balls on a pool table. Often there are numerous secondary actions that occur with many balls bouncing off of others and off of the sides of the pool table. It can be complicated. It is said that the course of karma is unfathomable.

The Vedic scientists mastered the ability to determine exactly what the main influences are of specific actions of the past and how to create the waves of energy that can neutralize or optimize the returning influences of our past actions. This is the elegant and sophisticated use of wave interference that can cancel out negative rerunning energies and strengthen positive returning influences.

It is advanced WFO because like in regular WFO, a trained practitioner finds the frequency and harmonic content of a specific wave of energy that has a specific purpose to cancel out or strengthen something that we want to change. Then you go into the silence and the body produces the waveform and creates the desired change.

In Advanced WFO a trained practitioner has learned predetermined procedures for canceling or strengthen the energy patterns of certain forms of conditioning. These procedures involve the creation of specific sounds and the performing of certain actions that make it possible for you to see things and take actions to fulfill your desires in new ways. The sounds and actions performed by the expert neutralize negative influences and strengthen positive influences in such a way that your actions are more consciously based on new positive influences and are not just the limiting influences of your conditioning from the past. It would be summarized as upgrading your ability to see and act based on your alignment with Pure Awareness rather than just being the product of your conditioning.

Seeing Scientific Life Upgrades from this perspective makes it possible to describe the science as a sophisticated use of wave interference as such it is logical to categorize them as advanced Pure Awareness Techniques.


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