Respond to the Needs of Each Moment from Your Inner Greatness

Respond Spontaneously to the Needs of Each Moment

with the Fullness of your Being

Most people are the products of their conditioning

People don’t realize that they mainly make decisions and take actions based on their conditioning. Some actions are based on intuitive insights. But most actions are based on learned behaviors and you aren’t even really aware that you are doing something you learned to do in the past. 

For example, you probably sometimes have an intuition about something, but for whatever reason, you don’t take action based on it. Then later you find out that your intuition was absolutely right and you could just kick yourself for not trusting and acting on it.

When you have an intuitive thought, it is the voice of your inner greatness that is help you It is your inner knowing attempting to guide you to step into the reality of what is your destiny.

But what happens is that you fear that there will be some negative consequences if you do act on that intuition you had. So you hold back only to regret it later.

Or you may be a people pleaser and you do things to get people to appreciate and like you. You know when you are doing such things that they are not the right action for you to be taking but you feel compelled to do it and you do. This is being untrue to yourself and it doesn’t lead to a fulfilling life, on the contrary, it leads to wasting your life energy on trying to just get someone to notice you or accept you or approve of you. What a waste of life energy.

So the majority of the time you don’t respond spontaneously to the needs of the moment with the fullness of your Being, you respond with your learned, conditioned actions.

The heart of the matter is that your conditioned responses are coming from your ego and/or your unresolved emotional pain of the past.

There are four kinds of thoughts that influence your decisions. They are:

Four Kinds of Thoughts

There are 4 kinds of thoughts that influence our decisions.

Useful thoughts –
1. Practical thoughts
2. Intuitive/creative thoughts

Not-useful thoughts
3. Ego based thoughts
4. Emotional pain based thoughts

Practical thoughts and intuitive/creative thoughts are the useful ones that lead to success.

Ego based and emotional pain based thoughts are the not-useful ones that lead to poor decisions, disappointment, frustration and failure.

The Problem

Most people are not clear about which thoughts are going to lead to positive outcomes and which ones are going to produce no result or even be disastrous. You know what I’m talking about. You’ve had the experience. Sometimes you are really excited about some opportunity. It really sounds good. But you pursue it and it just doesn’t work out.

If you’ve had this kind of experience too often you can even start to doubt yourself.

Is it possible to become better at being able to tell the difference between the useful and not-useful thoughts so that more of your decisions lead to success? Fortunately, someone has found a secret formula for being able to do just that!

The guy who figured this out is Tom Stone, the founder and Chairman of Inner Greatness Global. Here are the key concepts that Tom discovered for getting much better at knowing which ideas are intuitive and which ones are conditioned reactions.

Key Concepts

  • Sensing whether a thought is useful or not-useful doesn’t happen with the mind.
  • Most people are locked into trying to figure things out with their logical mind and don’t realize that this doesn’t work.
  • We know from physics that everything is made of energy.
  • Thoughts are made of energy.
  • There’s a subtle difference in the energy of useful and not-useful thoughts.
  • This energy is present in your body, not your mind, but you are usually caught up in your mind so you miss it.
  • There’s a new method of being able to amplify the experience of this energy in your body that causes each of the four categories of thoughts
  • It’s easy to learn this simple technique.
  • Getting good at this takes a bit of training and practice just like learning any new skill but it doesn’t take long.
  • Learning this new technique for clarifying which kind of thought you are having greatly increases your ability to make better decisions and fewer mistakes.

A big part of this problem is that your ego is very clever.Your ego is the villain here. It makes you think that the thoughts it creates are your thoughts.

Here’s a 2-minute video of experts in psychology and personal development talking about how difficult it is to even recognize when your thoughts are ego based.

These experts know how insidious the ego is. But they don’t offer anything for becoming more conscious of it.

Tom also discovered that ego based and emotional pain based thoughts have more of an emotional charge to them. Frequently, sensing this emotional charge gets misinterpreted as having passion for the decision. It feels like it has some real energy behind it. And it does! But is it the right kind of energy that’s going to lead to your desired outcome? Usually it’s not.

Throughout your life you haven’t known about this concept that there are four different kinds of thoughts influencing your decisions. As a result, you haven’t known that it is important to be able to tell which kind of thought you are having. That’s because all four kinds of thoughts come to us as… thoughts. Although your mind can’t tell the difference… your body can!!! That’s because the energy that causes each kind of thought is possible to experience with your body and senses not with your mind. The energy is experiential, not intellectual.

What does a strawberry taste like?

To get this distinction consider this example.

If you had never before tasted a strawberry and someone tried to describe what a strawberry tastes like to you, even if they talked all day about it you wouldn’t know what a strawberry tastes like. But the moment you take a bite of a strawberry then you know what a strawberry tastes like.

This is an important distinction. Descriptions and intellectual understanding happen with the mind and don’t provide experiential knowing. They compare, measure, name, quantify and categorize your experiences but they don’t provide knowing through direct experience via the body and senses.

When you have a practical or intuitive/creative thought there is a subtle sensing that occurs in the body. There is a naturalness to such thoughts. One way I like to describe it when you have this kind of thought is that you are “remembering the future.” There’s no emotional charge to them. They are quiet and effortless.

When you have an ego based or emotional pain based thought you body can sense the subtle feeling of forcing and unnaturalness. There’s a subtle emotional charge there. However, this subtle feeling isn’t obvious to you.

The source of energy that is creating all of your thoughts is coming from your awareness. Your awareness is the reservoir of energy that gives life to every thought, feeling and perception that you have.

But the “causes” of your thoughts are different.

All four kinds of thoughts are patterns of vibrating awareness. You’ve been having all four kinds of thoughts all of your life. You are so used to them that even the ego and emotional pain based ones “seem” natural to you so you haven’t learned how to sense this subtle difference in the energy of the four different kinds of thoughts. This is the problem.

A Solution

But there is a very simple solution. There is a simple technique for amplifying the subtle energy pattern in the body that allows you to more clearly sense and know the difference between useful and not-useful thoughts. It is called intuition testing or muscle testing. Once you learn how to do this, the difference between the causes of the different kinds of thoughts becomes very obvious.

Intuition/muscle testing has to be learned properly. Many people who teach it don’t do that thoroughly enough. So some people who have attempted to learn it haven’t been able to do it reliably. Then they say that it doesn’t work. But this isn’t because it doesn’t work. It’s because they are missing some of the finer details about it that are essential to having it be reliable.

Tom Stone has a unique way of teaching muscle testing so that it is highly reliable. He’s has been teaching how to do this kind of testing for 25 years and has taught thousands of people how to do it accurately and reliably. Once you know how to do it, you can use it to tell which of the four kinds of thoughts a particular thought is.

A Major Breakthrough

This is an incredibly useful tool. It finally provides a way to make conscious something that has been unconscious. It finally makes it possible to know which kind of thought you are having.

Certainly once you know which kind of thought you are having you have a much better possibility of making your decisions and resulting actions be based on your practical and intuitive thoughts and not making decisions and taking action based on the ego and emotional pain based thoughts!

Getting Rid of the Causes of Bad Decisions

But there’s more good news. Tom also discovered new techniques for transforming the patterns of energy of the ego and emotional pain based thoughts so that the energy patterns quickly dissolve. This permanently removes the cause of the thoughts that undermine success. When done properly, the energetic cause of that particular thought no longer exists in your body.

The other kind of not-useful thoughts are the ones that are caused by unresolved emotionally painful experiences that you had in the past. The energy patterns that create the emotional pain based thoughts are different than the patterns that create the ego based thoughts. Fortunately, Tom discovering exactly how to resolve the energy patterns of both the ego and emotional pain based thoughts. Here’s a chart of the two different kinds of emotional energy patterns. The ego based thoughts (Reactive/External) are primarily resolved with the OUT Technique. The emotional pain based thoughts (Painful/Internal) are primarily resolved with the IN Technique.


The IN and OUT Techniques can neutralize the energy patterns of your not-useful thoughts. Each time you resolve one of the energy patterns of the not-useful emotions you have more access to your awareness. It’s cleaning up your inner emotional landscape. The energy patterns that make up the ego and emotional pain based thoughts are the only real barriers to making more right decisions and fewer costly mistakes.

Two Techniques

Checking the types of emotions chart above you will see that there are 2 techniques for eliminating the energy patterns that create ego and emotional pain based thoughts, The ego based thoughts (Reactive/External) are primarily resolved with the OUT Technique. The emotional pain based thoughts (Painful/Internal) are primarily resolved with the IN Technique.

By learning and using the IN and OUT Techniques can neutralize the energy patterns of your not-useful thoughts. Each time you resolve one of the energy patterns of the not-useful emotions you have more access to your awareness. It’s cleaning up your inner emotional landscape. The energy patterns that make up the ego and emotional pain based thoughts are the only real barriers to making more right decisions and fewer costly mistakes.

Live Free Demos

Tom is giving some live demos of using these extraordinary techniques to identify and resolve the kinds of inner barriers that cause you to make mistakes and limit your success. These demos will be done via the zoom video conferencing system on the web. If you would like to see one or more of these demos or better yet, have one of these demos yourself, email us using this Contact Us form.

Next Steps

You don’t realize the extent to which your ego and emotional pain based thoughts are sabotaging your success and creating all kinds of problems in your life causing you to make lots of costly mistakes. But you can find out quickly because Tom can test remotely for you to determine this.

You can get your own personalized Decision Influences Assessment and a detailed explanation of what it means. Normally to get just the assessment is  just $27.00. If you’d like to get that click on the image below. However, before you do that you should know that the Decision Influence Assessment is included in the Freedom From Illusions Training program and the first online version of the Freedom from Illusions Training is about to start very soon.

You can join this program now and take it live with Tom or you if it this version of the training is already past, you can take it from the recordings of the series of webinars which you can take are your own pace.

The Freedom from Illusions Training is just $497.00 with early registration. Once you get your decision influences assessment you will see how much your decisions are being influenced by your ego and emotional pain based thoughts. Then you will want to do the Freedom From Illusions Training anyway to start getting rid of the invisible influences that have been sabotaging your life. Click on the appropriate image below to get started now!


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The Freedom from Illusions program is that exact path you’ve been waiting for. And the creator of it, Tom Stone, is the teacher you’ve been waiting for.

There’s an incredibly practical side to all of this. And that is that learning how to make the unconscious – conscious greatly increases your intuition. All successful people say that trusting and acting on their intuition has been a central key to their success. Somehow they discovered how to do that themselves and they know that you need to do that to be successful, but they don’t seem to know how to teach other people HOW to do that.

It requires learning how to do some things that are the exact opposite of what you’ve been doing all of your life. It requires learning how to make the unconscious – conscious. It requires learning how to recognize the illusions that block you from trusting your intuition. When you remove these internal barriers, you just naturally gain increasing access to your intuition that was previously masked by the illusions.  So you start making better decisions about everything in your life. You stop making so many costly mistakes. This naturally leads to more and more success  and prosperity in the practical world.

You’ve been waiting to find Tom and Tom’s been waiting for you too. His mission is to remove the pain of the world. And he is doing it. But he needs a lot of help because it’s a big job. The world is asleep and lost to illusions that create what people experience as pain and suffering.

Most people on this planet are lost to their illusions. But Tom has unique gifts and skills and is reviving the simplest, clearest wisdom about what it takes to really wake up to the truth of what you are. And it is so simple. It’s so incredibly simple that virtually everyone has missed it.

The reason that people have missed it is that the real knowledge from the ancient traditions of how to gain freedom from illusions has gradually lost its purity. These traditions have lost their essential truth over the long course of time. You sense that. That’s why you are not drawn to those traditions. You can feel that something is missing from them. It doesn’t make sense that it should be so hard and take so long.

The original teachers and founders of these traditions were awakened masters but their students missed something or misinterpreted some things that their teacher said. The teacher spoke and taught from his or her awakened state. But the students heard it from a lower level of awareness. So they missed some of the real truth and with each generation a little bit more got lost until that tradition of knowledge became diluted and ineffective. This continued to happen with each generation until it has reached the point where it became accepted that you have to do all kinds of austerities and difficult practices to gain a state of awakening.

How ridiculous this is. You are yourself. You can’t be very far from yourself. Having the direct experience of your essential nature is easy. Initially you just have to learn how to look past your illusions and get a glimpse, a taste of what you really are. That’s so easy to do and you can learn to do it in minutes. You don’t have to sit and work hard for days, weeks or years to experience the totality of what you truly are.

Tasting it is one thing, but what’s the key to being able to live that reality all the time.

How do you do that?

Making the unconscious – conscious

You need to learn some simple techniques for making the unconscious – conscious. You need to  learn how to remove the REAL barriers that blind you to the truth and keep you imprisoned in not being conscious, that keep you stuck in your illusions that you are separate from your true self. And by the very nature of these barriers being unconscious, you don’t even know that this is happening! 

In the past there have been awakened masters who could help people wake up to this reality. In our modern times there are those who have had spontaneous awakenings. Some of these people who have had genuine awakenings can describe their awakened state very beautifully. This can be inspiring but also frustrating. Because when it comes to the details of HOW and exactly WHAT to do to become truly free of your illusions, somehow the mechanics of it, the WHAT and the HOW have not been properly or widely understood. For most people, what’s written about and taught doesn’t provide clear enough guidance to actually bring you to experience your own truly awakened state of being.

Tom is unusual

But Tom is unusual. He has been blessed with a profound understanding of the WHAT and HOW. He shows people exactly WHAT to do and HOW to do it. And even better than that, he has a unique gift of being able to explain it in incredibly simple ways that are easy to understand and really get it right. He is bringing the real essence of this timeless, ancient knowledge into modern language that is consistent with the real needs of our time in history. The ancient wisdom is not so accessible to people in the world today. Tom’s making it accessible and actionable so that you can actually do it successfully. He is reviving and modernizing the ancient wisdom of the truth of life so that anyone who is ready for this can escape from the prison of their illusions and live and enjoy the totality of what they really are. 

Integrating ancient wisdom and modern technology

To reach as many people as possible all over the world, Tom is integrating ancient wisdom with modern language and technology. He has created a simple online course to guide you in learning exactly what to do to finally come out of your illusions. He has created an app that you can use to guide yourself through the Pure Awareness Techniques. These techniques are the keys to the prison door that you’ve been locked in. They are the secrets to being able to permanently dissolve the patterns of energy that have kept you locked in your unconscious conditioned ways of being. 

The Freedom Practice

This online course prepares you for joining a program called the Freedom Practice. The Freedom from Illusions training teaches you how to do the four Pure Awareness Techniques that are used in the Freedom Practice Program. It also teaches a special way to be able to recognize when you are being caught up in one of your illusions and exactly what to do to not only become conscious of it and recognize it but come out of it and remove the patterns of conditioning that has been locking you into it. This process makes it possible to rapidly gain freedom from your illusions which naturally results in living the continuous experience of wholeness.

That’s incredible! No one can do that like Tom does. The Freedom Practice Program is structured in such a way that you get daily mentoring from Tom. And the Freedom practice works so well that you only need occasional minor adjustments and guidance and Tom is amazing at being able to provide that. He can see what you can’t see because you are still living inside many of your illusions. He can see exactly what you need at each stage of your development. It only takes him moments to provide you with the insights and guidance that you need at each step. This makes it possible for him to help lots of people simultaneously. But it’s a big world and he needs help.

He has a plan for that. After you become good at doing the Freedom Practice yourself, he can also teach you how to become a Freedom Practice Mentor so that you can do what he does and help many more people to rapidly go through their person process of freeing themselves from the illusions that have been keeping them unconscious and lost.

That’s what your heart has been longing for. That’s what’s been missing in everything else you have seen or tried in the past. Now you can finally fulfill your destiny of becoming someone who can truly help others to wake up and live the continuous experience of wholeness. Much of what you have been doing has been good, very good. But now it’s time to upgrade your own state of being, to upgrade from understanding the idea of awakening to actually living it. This is the knowledge of the experiential wisdom you’ve been longing for.

Is this your destiny?

If that’s what you’ve been feeling is your destiny to have and to do, if that’s what you’ve been  longing to be, then you know it. You’ve felt it inside of you your whole life. And now, if it is your destiny to have it, you’ve just turned that corner and found what you’re been sensing was coming. If you are not ready to learn this and be a part of this mission, then you’ll continue to function pretty much in the same way you always have, making costly mistakes, feeling held back, and still longing for the success and fulfillment as you have always been doing… and thinking that that’s normal. 

This may or may not be for you. If you resonate with what you have read here, if you had the feeling that this is you, you will know that. And if you don’t resonate with this then you may not be ready to go down this path. That’s all natural and fine. This explanation is designed to filter out people who are not ready for this and to naturally inspire those who know that this is their destiny.

The Freedom from Illusions Training

If this is you, join Tom in helping to remove the pain of the world. Take the Freedom from Illusions Training. Join a Freedom Practice Program and get really good at recognizing and coming out of your illusions. Then learn how to support others in becoming free of their illusions too. Become a Freedom Practice Mentor and help Tom fulfill this beautiful mission of removing the pain of the world.

Who you will become

Everyone wants to be the best they can be, even if that don’t know that or have lost touch with it. The Freedom from Illusions Training will give you the tools and the understanding of how to access and express more and more of your natural inner greatness. And the Freedom Practice will transform you from suffering to joy. You will become the living example of the best possible expression of yourself you could be. Nothing could be more rewarding or fruitful.

The first step is to take the Freedom from Illusions training.

It is time!

Click on the image below to get the details of how to participate in the

Freedom from Illusions Training

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