Put Me in Your Pocket

Raving cheers, thundering applause, awe-struck nerds losing their minds.

It is 2007, and Steve Jobs walks onto the stage.

This is Apple’s MacWorld conference, and the great leader himself is about to give a keynote address that will become a part of history. Steve says –

Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything. Apple has been very fortunate. It’s been able to introduce a few of these into the world.

In 1984, we introduced the Macintosh. It didn’t just change Apple. It changed the whole computer industry.

In 2001, we introduced the first iPod. And it didn’t just change the way we all listen to music. It changed the entire music industry.

Well, today, we’re introducing three revolutionary products of this class.
The first one is a widescreen iPod with touch controls.

The second is a revolutionary mobile phone.

And the third is a breakthrough internet communications device.

So – three things. A widescreen iPod with touch controls, a revolutionary mobile phone, and a breakthrough internet communications device

An iPod, a phone, and an internet communicator.
An iPod, a phone – are you getting it?

These are not three separate devices. This is one device. And we are calling it iPhone.

Today – today, Apple is going to reinvent the phone.

That is how Steve Jobs introduced the very first iPhone, and the rest is history.

A Revolutionary Technology

Today, I present  to you a revolutionary technology that will take your iPhone to a whole new level altogether.

It will turn your iPhone into an iPod, a phone, an internet communicator, AND an Inner Greatness Optimizing Coach!

How is that possible?

The answer is my new –  

Inner Guidance app

I have created this app which contains audio instructions for all the most important Pure Awareness techniques. It is two apps in one.

Access to this Inner Guidance App is inside of Freedom Practice 2 – Advanced Skills app.

The first Freedom Practice 1 – Basic Skills – is free and you can use it to  teach yourself how to do –

  • The QUIETNESS Technique
  • The LOCATE Technique
  • The IN Technique

The second app is called Freedom Practice 2 – Advanced Skills.

We created this app so that everyone can have help with learning and getting good at doing the Pure Awareness techniques, even if they don’t have an Inner Greatness Optimizing Coach.

The app is incredibly simple. There’s an index of the Pure Awareness Techniques.

You click on the one you want to use, and you get a new screen with some buttons on it, like this –

This app contains audio clip instructions for all the most important Pure Awareness techniques.

The Freedom Practice 2 – Advanced Skills is only $150 bucks.

The techniques are easiest to do keeping your eyes closed. You click on the name of the technique in the Index that you want to use, and then you click on the START button. You will hear the first instruction in a woman’s pleasant voice to start the technique. Typically she begins by saying to sit comfortably and close your eyes.

Then you can click on the NEXT button to give you the next audio clip instruction. And again for the next and so on, until you have finished the whole technique.

We have made the NEXT button extra large so you can easily hover over it and click it or tap it even with your eyes closed.

The app is so simple that anyone can use it, whether you are tech-savvy or a digital caveman.

This Inner Guidance app is excellent if you are beginning to learn and practice the Pure Awareness techniques and you want to master them.

The Pure Awareness Techniques are unique new techniques that you can use to resolve trauma, emotional pain, anxiety, depression, grief, heartbreak and virtually any disruptive emotion. And that happens quickly and efficiently, usually within one or two sessions.

Maybe you don’t know all the Pure Awareness techniques yet, and it’s hard to remember all the steps of the technique and practice the technique yourself simultaneously.

That’s where the app comes in handy. When you go through the audio guidance several times, it will rapidly get much easier to do it on your own afterward.

But it will also be helpful for more advanced practitioners.

The audio guidance contains many separate instructions so that you gradually guide yourself through the techniques step by step.

You may not remember all of these steps, so revisiting the instructions with the app can refresh your understanding of the Pure Awareness techniques. Or you might notice some nuance in the instructions you had not seen before.

You can find it in the App Store for Apple or Google Play for Android devices. (It’s not just for the Apple elite; all the Android people can also use the app, fortunately!) Search for the Inner Guidance app, and you’ll find it immediately.

As I said, the Freedom Practice  1 app is FREE.

Make sure to check you are downloading the app created by Inner Greatness Global since there are a few apps of the same name made by other companies. As shown below, the logo is a green picture of a person meditating against a black background.

The Freedom Practice is the first stage of a program for helping you to wake up to your true Inner Greatness.  It is a group coaching program in which the inventor of these remarkable techniques guides participants through the resolution of their disruptive emotions u

It may sound unbelieveable but ii is a unique and powerful new way to resolve trauma, emotional pain, nightmares, grief, heartbreak, anxiety, depression and any other disruptive emotions far more quickly and efficiently than any other previous process, usually in just one or two sessions. 

Here’s Heather sharing her experience of getting rid of horrific nightmares in just one session.

This is not an isolated case. Angela from the UK had a similiar experience of persistent nightmares being gone after just one session.

If you would like to learn more about the Perfection & True Awakening Course, there is a detailed web page about it here – 

Perfection & True Awakening Course

And for the dinosaurs on my e-mail list who don’t own or like smartphones, the app is even available in your browser. So, it also works on your laptop or PC.

Registration Links

Here’s a shopping cart link for purchasing the Freedom Practice App 2 – Advanced Skills for $150.

Freedom Practice App 2 for only $150

I hope this will help you with your practice and mastery of the Pure Awareness techniques.

To the Full Awakening of your Inner Greatness

Yours sincerely,


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