PTSD – the real root cause of Addiction

Unresolved PTSD is at the real basis of Addiction


That’s because one of the primary uses of addiction is using it as a self-medication,  to avoid the pain of unresolved emotions that you don’t want to feel.

This means that there is a close connection between addiction and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

While Alcoholics Anonymous has helped a lot of people, the “12 step program” can be even more effective by the recognition that many addictions are used to self-medicate in order to not feel the pain of unresolved traumas.

Tom Stone, the founder and CEO of Inner Greatness Global, found a way to recover from PTSD after getting shot in the chest at his front door by a deranged stranger. The gun used as a .44 caliber hand gun which has a huge bullet. Hunters use such guns for killing bears.

Tom was shot in 1993 and miraculously survived the attack. He had two surgeries but the biggest part of his recovery was from the PTSD resulting from the attack.  Tom didn’t believe the psychological dogma that PTSD is incurable. He thought they must be missing something So he did his own private research and discovered a simple insight. He was right.

Key Insight


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