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Tom Stone has taught training workshops on reducing PTSD symptoms to hundreds of people. And he has them fill out a PTSD assessment form at the beginning of the training,

What we have seen is that everyone has some level of PTSD symptoms, even though most people of would not have the symptom severity levels high enough to be diagnosed with PTSD, 

PTSD is considered to be incurable. But the founder of Inner Greatness Global, Tom Stone, proved this wrong by curing himself of PTSD after getting shot in the chest by a deranged stranger with a .44 caliber handgun. That’s a big gun. Hunters use them to kill bears! So it’s a complete miracle that Tom survived that.

He had all of the typical symptoms of PTSD, including nightmares, flashbacks, startle response, hypervigilance, etc. But Tom didn’t believe that it was incurable. Instead, he went looking for a cure, and although it took him some time to find it, he did find it, and it was a very simple insight.

That insight is that when we are little, we all get emotionally overwhelmed many times. And everyone rapidly learns to suppress their painful emotional experiences. Most people get pretty good at doing that! This creates the foundation for being really lousy at handling your emotions. You either suppress them, avoid them, or get overwhelmed by them.

The problem is that suppression, avoidance, and overwhelm don’t eliminate PTSD. In fact, they are what keep people from resolving it. This is why the psychological community thinks that PTSD is incurable.

But now we know that it isn’t incurable, and a perfect starting place for learning how to overcome PTSD symptoms is to take our TraumAway assessment.

Once you complete the assessment, you’ll see what level of PTSD symptom severity you have for 21 different symptoms. Then you can start using some of the TraumAway Techniques and resources like the computer and mobile app called The Freedom Practice Training. It contains the technique Tom discovered that he used to cure his PTSD completely! He hasn’t had a single PTSD symptom in over 30 years, 

The Technique Tom discovered is called the IN Technique. Using the app, you can guide yourself through the audio instructions of the IN technique at your own pace by simply tapping the START button and then tapping the NEXT button to hear the following explanation or instructions for what to do.  And there are detailed instructions for how to use the techniques in the app for resolving nightmares and any other trauma symptoms.

So take the assessment and use the app to resolve the stresses that create your PTSD symptoms. Then if you have any trouble or need more help, you can book some 1-on-1 session time with a Certified TraumAway Expert.

This is highly recommended, and getting some help from one of our highly trained and experienced TraumAway Expert Coaches is the best way to start, as they are right there to help you if you get stuck or are having any trouble. And they have been through the whole TRaumAway program themselves so they know from actual experience how to eliminate the energies at the basis of their own PTSD. Either right away or after getting some help from an expert, you can then use the app on your own once you have successfully done the techniques.

If you’d like to learn about getting help from a Certified TraumAway Expert Coach, contact us here – Contact form

Once you’ve made some progress and you are getting rid of the traumatic stress that’s been causing your PTSD symptoms, retake the assessment to see your progress.

You’ll be utterly amazed at how easy and thorough it is to eliminate the traumas that cause your PTSD. In fact, you won’t believe it just reading about it here. If you haven’t seen them, watch the short videos below about getting rid of horrific nightmares in just one session. Tom used the same techniques in the app, and both of the women in these videos were nightmare free that night and have been ever since. 

The first thing to do is to register so you have your own account in the program. Clicking on the button below will give you access to the registration form. You will then be taken to the page for starting to take the TraumAway Assessment.

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