PTSD Assessment

PTSD is considered to be incurable. But the founder of Inner Greatness Global, Tom Stone, proved this wrong by curing himself of PTSD after getting shot in the chest by a deranged stranger with a .44 caliber handgun. That’s a big gun. Hunters use guns like that to kill bears! So it’s a complete miracle that Tom survived that.

He had all of the typical symptoms of PTSD including nightmares, flashbacks, startle response, hyper-vigilance, etc. But Tom didn’t believe that it was incurable. Instead he went looking for a cure and although it took a few years to find it, he did find it in a very simple insight.

That insight is that when we are little we get emotionally overwhelmed many, many times. And everyone rapidly learns to suppress their painful emotional experiences. And most people get quite good at doing that! This creates the foundation for being really lousy at handling your emotions. You either suppress them or get overwhelmed by them.

The problem is that neither suppression nor overwhelm resolve PTSD. This is why the psychological community thinks that PTSD is incurable. But now we know that it isn’t and a very good starting place for learning how to overcome PTSD symptoms is to take this assessment and then start to use some of the IGO resources like the free app called Vaporize Your Nightmares. It contains the technique that Tom discovered that he used to cure himself completely of his PTSD!

So take the assessment and use the app to start to resolve the stresses that create your PTSD symptoms. Then if you need more help you can book some 1-on-1 session time with a Certified Inner Greatness Coach.

Once you’ve made some progress and getting rid of the traumatic stress that’s been causing your PTSD symptoms, take the assessment again so that you can see your progress.

You’ll be utterly amazed at how easy it is and how thorough it is to really get rid of the traumas that cause your PTSD. In fact you won’t believe it from just reading about it here. If you haven’t seen it, watch the 3 minute video of Angela telling about having PTSD and horrific nightmares for 8 years and in just one session with Tom Stone, using the very same techniques that are in the Vaporize Your Nightmares app, she was nightmare free that night and has been ever since. Here’s where you can see that short video – No More Nightmares!

The Assessment

Rate yourself from 0 to 10 for each of the statements below.

0 = Not true

10 = Very true

Making a selection for each of the statements is required.

[assessment name=’PTSD’ 10_bar=”true” extended_results=”true”]
@ Frequently having upsetting thoughts or memories about events
@ Having recurring nightmares
@ Acting or feeling as though the event(s) were happening again (flashback)
@ Having a strong feeling of distress when reminded of the traumatic event
@ Physical response, such as higher heart rate, sweating etc. to reminders of events)
@ Making effort to avoid thoughts, feeling or conversations about the event(s)
@ Making efforts to avoid places or people that remind you of the event(s)
@ Having a difficult time remembering important parts of the event(s)
@ A loss of interest in important, once positive, activities
@ Feeling distant from others
@ Having difficulties having positive feelings, such as happiness or love
@ Feeling as though your life may be cut short
@ Having a difficult time falling or staying asleep
@ Feeling more irritable or having outbursts of anger
@ Having difficulty concentrating
@ Feeling constantly “on guard” or that danger is lurking around every corner
@ Being “jumpy” or easily startled

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