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Many people have chronic pain. The most common kinds of chronic pain include low back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, knee pain, pain from old injuries or surgeries, and various other types of pain including menstrual pain. The free test is non-invasive and takes less than one minute.

A new method of resolving the stress that causes chronic pain has been discovered. It uses the QEO to pick up the energy patterns of the stresses from the body that are causing the pain or interfering with the body’s ability to self-heal. It targets and eliminates these stresses. Come in for a free test to see if this might help reduce the stress that is causing your pain!

The following chart shows the results of treatments of 154 people over a period of 3 weeks. Treating chronic pain using this approach usually takes multiple treatments ranging from 1 to 6 or in a few cases even more. However the treatments are short, non-invasive, painless and completely comfortable. Treatment is considered complete when the pain is gone and doesn’t come back or the progress of pain reduction stops and further progress is not obtained after several additional treatments. In the case of this sample only 3 out of the 154 clients did not have some improvement. The average pain reduction between sessions as 56%. 


More Validation That It Works

A recent project of treating people for chronic pain was undertaken in Shanghai, China between July and September of 2015. 21 people got to complete the treatments and get their pain levels down to zero. For these people only three of them took more than 3 treatments to get their pain level down to zero. 10% of the people treated experienced their pain level reduced to zero from just one treatment. Follow up with 15 of the 21 people after a month or more showed the following results:

  • The average pain reduction between before the first treatment and immediately afterwards was 68%.

The average number of sessions to get the pain level to zero was 2.6

  • 1 month or more after the final treatment, 15 people of these 21 were contacted, 7 reported that the pain was still completely gone, 6 more reported that their pain was still greatly reduced and only 2 reported that the pain had come back to it’s initial level.
  • The overall pain reduction level for all 15 including the two whose pain level returned to the initial level was an average of 74%.
  • The average pain level for this group of 21 before starting treatments as self-assessed by each participant on a scale of 0 to 10 was 6.17.
  • After the first treatment the average pain level was 2.12.
  • That’s an average pain reduction of 68% for this group of 21 from just the first treatment.

Example Cases

Chronic pain 1       Chronic pain 3      Chronic pain 4       Chronic pain 5       Chronic pain 5      Chronic pain 6

What to expect:

Although about 10% of our clients experience complete relief from chronic pain from just one session, the process usually requires multiple sessions. Over several hundred clients we have to whom we have given these sessions, the average number of sessions that it takes to get to a pain free state is 3 but it can take as many as 7 or more in some cases. Each person’s case is unique and as can be seen from the charted examples, it takes it’s own course of self-healing. Out of hundreds of people who have received our process of reducing the stress that causes chronic pain less then 2 % have not responded at all. In most cases if the client continues to receive these sessions they usually eventually become pain free. This is of course dependent upon the cause or causes of the pain. Some kinds of pain don’t respond to this method. However, we use a special form of muscle testing to see if the body will respond and be stimulated to self-heal from this procedure.

Sessions are typically scheduled at least 3 days apart to give the body a change to continue to self-heal after each session. It is quite common that the pain level goes down during the hours and first few days following each treatment. In some cases the pain may initially get better and then become worse again. This can be a natural pattern for the specific self-healing of certain conditions for some clients. Sessions typically last from 10 to 20 minutes.

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A similar treatment is available for limited range of motion.


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