Stress Reduction for Improving Range of Motion

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A closely related symptom to chronic pain is restricted or limited range of motion. Similar to chronic pain, there are stresses that cause the tightness and motion restriction. The clients who have been treated for limited range of motion have all improved dramatically with just a few treatments. Typically some improved range of motion is experienced immediately after the first treatment. In the cases that have been treated in both India and China full normal range of motion was restored in each case with just a few treatments. You’ll experience at our free test if our procedure is likely to help improve your range of motion.

What to expect:

Some people’s full range of motion comes back immediately following their first session. It is more common however for it to take multiple sessions to regain full freedom of motion for the effected area.

Clients we have taken these sessions typically report some immediate improvement in range of motion. The average number of sessions that it takes to regain full freedom of range of motion is 4 but it can take as many as 7 or more in some cases. Each person’s case is unique and takes it’s own course of self-healing. However, we use a special form of muscle testing to see if the body will respond and be stimulated to self-heal from this procedure.

Sessions are typically scheduled at least 3 days apart to give the body a change to continue to self-heal after each session. It is quite common that the range of motion improves during the hours and first few days following each treatment. In some cases the limited range of motion may initially get better and then become worse again. This can be a natural pattern for the specific self-healing of certain conditions for some clients. Sessions typically last from 10 to 20 minutes.

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