Stress Reduction for Better Sleep

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Lots of people have sleep problems. Many times these problems are not medical problems but just problems of unresolved stress interfering with sleep. Different kinds of stress can make it either hard to fall asleep or your sleep may be disrupted by nightmares, too many thoughts or various kinds of emotional disturbances.

The new technologies used at the Inner Greatness Centers have had many successes with helping people to improve their sleep for a wide range of causes. As an example, in one recent case a young man could hardly sleep at all. He had been with his father when his father died and just couldn’t sleep after that happened. In just one session we resolve the lingering stress from that experience and he was able to sleep well that very night. In other cases people who were having nightmares every night from Post Traumatic Stress stopped having their nightmares in as few as 1 to 3 sessions.

What to expect:

Our free test will determine the basic cause(s) of your sleep problems are likely to be helped and also to determine what kinds of stress factors are the main causes of the sleep problems. The results of these tests will determine which technologies are most likely to yield positive results of resolving the stresses that are causing the problems with sleep. There’s no obligation, so come on in and check it out with our free assessment.

Some sleep problems can be resolved in one session. Others require multiple sessions to achieve a thorough result. Sessions are typically 45 minutes to one hour but can be longer if there are more than one or two stresses causing the sleep disturbance. From the test we will be able to determine which of the sleep improvement sessions you need. Here are the options.

  • Stress Reduction for Better Sleep – meridian balancing – service fee – see your local IGC
  • Stress Reduction for Better Sleep – too many thoughts (IGO) – service fee – see your local IGC
  • Stress Reduction for Better Sleep – Nightmares -service fee – see your local IGC

The service fee will apply for each session if more than one session is required.

Here’s a short video of a woman who was experiencing vivid, horrifying nightmares for eight years and completely eliminated the nightmares in just one session using IGO.

Results may vary.