Stress Reduction to Lessen Menstrual Pain

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Menstrual pain is very common. And it has been a difficult problem to solve for many women. IGC has had some remarkable successes with reducing or eliminating menstrual pain.

In one recent case a woman at a seminar said that her menstrual pain was so bad that she can’t even stand up and walk. She said on a scale of 0 to 10 with 10 being the most severe, it was a 20!!! We treated her using the same protocol that we use for treating other kinds of stress that cause chronic pain.

The timing turned out to be perfect as she got her period the next day. She came back to the seminar to say that the pain was only about half as bad as it usually was in the past and that she was at least able to get up and come back to the seminar. So we treated her again and after the treatment she reported that her menstrual pain was completely gone. And it was gone the next day was well. She was amazed. This was a huge relief for her and she raved about it giving a compelling testimonial to the whole seminar group.

Since then we have treated many women for menstrual pain and what we have found is that about 60% of them get improvement and in many cases stop having menstrual pain, at least for some months. We have only been doing this for a short time so we don’t have long term reports yet but it seems to be helping a lot in many cases. And even if the pain comes back, if it worked initially it is very likely to work again and may last longer each time.

Money Back Guarantee

We can’t guarantee that your menstrual pain will get less, but if it doesn’t we’ll refund your money. We only want to charge you if it actually helps. Now that’s an offer that is hard to refuse. If it does help just think what a relief it would be!

Here’s a chart showing the results experienced by one woman who had several sessions to reduce her menstrual pain. As you can see by the chart it got better and then worse again but eventually got to zero after the 5th treatment.


What to expect:

Each person’s case is unique and as can be seen from the example shown here, the pain reduction may get better and then worse again before going away completely. It takes it’s own course of self-healing.

The idea timing for having this kind of treatment is to have it right before your period starts. And then you may need to come back in for additional treatments while you are menstruating.   In some cases the pain may initially get better and then become worse again. This can be a natural pattern for the specific self-healing of certain conditions for some clients. Sessions typically last from 10 to 20 minutes.

For the service fee check with your local IGC.

If it helps it will be well worth it and if it doesn’t help there’s no charge.

Results may vary.  


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