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Whether people are financially successful and famous or not, most people lack a real sense of inner peace and fulfillment. Your Inner Greatness Center’s new technologies can also remove the inner barriers to living more and more in a state of lasting fulfillment. This is a state of happiness that goes beyond circumstances. You Inner Greatness Center Coach (IGCC) can help you to identify and remove anything that’s in the way of living in a more fulfilled state of being more and more of thore of the time.

This turns out that this is much simpler to achieve than people have thought. The reality of being able to live with a profound connection to your own essential nature is what everyone really wants even though they may not know that. Most people think that getting rich and famous will provide them with lasting happiness and fulfillment. But it turns out not to be true.

In The Harvard Study of Adult Development mentioned on the page about the IGC Success and Fulfillment Program the new IGC technologies weren’t available to the people who participated in the study so the only thing that the study could find that improved happiness, health and longevity was good relationships. But now with the discovery of how to remove the limiting influences of your early childhood conditioning and how to greatly improve emotional competence, it is possible for perhaps the first time in human history to easily access your essential nature – Pure Awareness – and then to systematically identify and remove your inner barriers to living in a permanent state of inner peace and fulfillment.

What to expect:

The free test determines to what level you are living in Pure Awareness and how many inner barriers there are to living in Pure Awareness 100% of the time.

Individual sessions identify and resolve the specific inner barriers to living in Pure Awareness all the time. There are two levels of this.

The first level is for being able to have access to Pure Awareness all the time. It is like an analogy of a party cloudy day. There are still some clouds but you can see the sky all the time. This is having access to Pure Awareness all the time but you still have some “clouds” meaning you still have some conditioned responses and emotions but they are not enough to block you from experiencing your essential nature all the time. The next level is more like a clear blue sky. I call that living and fully enjoying Pure Awareness all the time. So the number of barriers is different for each level.

At the moment this program is currently only available at the Shanghai IGC.

The service fee for each 1 hour session is 5000 RMB and is given by Tom Stone.

Other IGC’s will be offering this program later during the coming year. Check the individual Inner Greatness Center for the current offerings of programs and services.






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(Feb. 5, 2016)


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