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This process is also called Optimizing Your Energy Field.

Since the wide spread use of mobile phones that has happened in recent years, there has been a large increase in the number of people who have developed brain tumors. Although there’s an obvious connection between the two the mobile phone companies had research done that showed that it is not the radiation from the mobile phones that is causing the brain tumors.

More recent research reveals that the radiation has an indirect effect. The increased radiation from holding a mobile phone close to your head for extended periods of time has an effect of weakening something called the blood-brain barrier.

The blood-brain barrier is that part of the brains function that keep toxins and pathogens from getting into the brain. The brain has this function because there is not a lot of immune system activity in the brain. So the body has evolved a way to keep the toxins and pathogens out of the brain so that more immune activity isn’t needed there.

But is has been found that extended use of mobile phones does indeed weaken the ability of the blood-brain barrier to keep toxins and pathogens out of the brain. So the increase in brain tumors is not directly due to the mobile phone radiation. It is indirectly related to it by the weakening of the blood brain barrier.

Therefore, it is important to do something to reduce this weakening effect from the mobile phones. At IGCs we have a new way to counteract this problem. Using a special ampoule we can increase the energy of the blood-brain barrier. It is a simple procedure. This special EMT (Electro-magnetic Field) upgrading ampoule is placed in the container of the QEO and the device amplifies the energy picked up from the ampoule and sends it to the body. The ampoule is imprinted with special patterns of energy that increase the strength of the blood-brain barrier and at the same time, strengthens the over-all energy field of the body.

Gradually over some weeks the energy of the blood-brain barrier again gets stressed and weakened by the extended use of mobile phones but you can again get the energy field and blood-brain barrier energies upgraded to protect you once more.

In addition, it is a good idea to use the mobile phone either on speaker and keep it away from your head or use an ear-bud headset so that the phone itself is not held so close to your head.

Electro-magnetic fields are strongest when you are close to them so being even a modest distance away from your head will help to keep the blood-brain barrier sufficiently strong for a longer period of time.

Your IGCC can test you for how often you may need to have your energy field and blood-brain barrier upgraded with the EMF ampoule and the QEO. If you follow the above guidelines you will need this less often.

We know from physics that all matter is made of energy. In addition we also know that this energy radiates out from the object creating an electromagnetic energy field around that matter. This is also true of the body, as it is comprised of matter. The body has an energy field or aura that can be seen using special cameras and software.

What to expect:

This procedure is designed to strengthen the energy field of your body to help protect you from the negative effects of mobile phone radiation and other kinds of electromagnetic field radiation.

This is one of the best ways to protect yourself from the dangers of our ever-increasing “e-smog” from the many sources of electro-magnetic field radiation that are present in our modern world. This process takes 10 minutes.

The test for this is free and only takes about two minutes. You’ll be amazed at how much this process can increase the strength of your over-all energy field.

This protocol is also helpful for strengthening the overall energy field of the body which can be measured via the muscle test. Typically before the test the field is usually only extending out from the body about a third or half a meter (12 to 18 inches). While receiving the session and also after it is completed, the energy field of the body usually is much stronger and larger radiating out from the body as much as 3 meters or more as you will see when you come in for a free test. You’ll also see the difference that it makes in protecting you from the weakening effect of having a mobile phone too close to your body, especially your head, for more than a few minutes.

This protocol takes between 10 and 20 minutes.

For the service fee check with your local IGC.

Results may vary.


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