Improving the Absorption and Utilization of Nutrients

Free Test

This is a special technique for optimizing nutrient absorption and utilization. It is done using the QEO and samples of the nutrients that you are taking. The energy of the supplements is amplified and sent to the body via a cable and electrode. This has been found to improve absorption and utilization of nutrients. This process takes 5 minutes per treatment and typically all of the supplements that someone is taking can be combined for this short treatment. The free test determines to what level you are absorbing and utilizing the nutrients in what you are taking.

Some people who have done this procedure report noticing a significant difference in how they feel as a result of taking their supplements. They report that there is a difference between before and after. Others don’t notice a difference as in many cases the difference is something that would not be subjectively noticed anyway. The free test prior to doing the sessions determines if this process is likely to help improve the benefit of the supplements that you are taking. We retest after doing the process to see how much the level of absorption and utilization has improved.

Sessions typically take about 10 minutes. For service fees check with your local IGC.

Results may vary.


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