Improved Possibility of Getting Pregnant

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One cause with the inability of women to get pregnant is when the woman has an allergy to the man’s semen. This is more common than might be realized. There have been many cases of woman who have not been able to get pregnant for many years being treated for an allergy to the man’s semen and then getting pregnant within a few months of such treatment.

One case like this was that of a chiropractor in Nebraska, USA. He and his wife had been trying to have a child for 10 years. After treating the wife for an allergy to her husband’s semen just once, she got pregnant within 3 months and had a healthy baby. The couple were overjoyed and said it was the first baby that was helped to be conceived using Human Software Engineering in the USA!

It can be tested using Muscle Testing to determine if this is the problem or not. As this test only takes a few moments to do you can come in for a free test to see if this process might be helpful. We can also test to see if there are other factors that would get in the way of becoming pregnant that cannot be treated with the QEO.

What to expect:

The test for this is free and only takes a few minutes. We can tell from the test whether the process is likely to be effective or not. A sample of the man’s semen is required for the testing so this needs to be taken into consideration. The QEO is used to remove any energetic rejection of the man’s semen by the woman’s immune system. There is sometimes a kind of allergy to the man’s semen on the part of the woman. If this tests as being the sole cause of the difficulty with getting pregnant then this procedure can have a influence of helping improve the chances of the woman getting pregnant. Results may vary.

Come in for a free assessment. The test will quickly determine if the procedure is likely to help or not. The process of doing the further testing and using the QEO to remove any allergy or resistance to the man’s semen takes about 20 minutes.

For service fees check with your local IGC.

Typically only one or two sessions are needed for this process.

Results may vary.


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