General Stimulation of the Body’s Basic Self-healing Processes

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An important use of the QEO is to activate the body’s natural healing processes. This is called the Basic Regulation Program. It is done in a simple and elegant way using the QEO’s wave interference, physics based approach. The electrodes and cables of the QEO pick up the energy fields of the stress factors that are limiting your body’s ability to heal itself, inverting and amplifying the energy fields of these stresses and then sending that signal to the body again via a cable and electrode, where the stress factors in the body basically cancel themselves out.

Because the normal state of the body is a kind of homeostasis or “stand-off” between the body’s immune system and any pathogen or toxins that might be in the body, the Basic Regulation Program gently upsets the “balance of power” that is normally present between the immune system and anything foreign that the immunity is trying to get rid of.

The result of weakening the energy fields of the foreign unnatural toxins and/or pathogens is that the immune system now has the upper hand. This stimulates it to be more active in picking up these foreign invaders and get them out of the body.

It may be valuable for you to know that this Basic Regulation function is a natural side effect of doing any kind of session with the QEO that uses the body as the source of the energy fields. So if you are doing any of the programs that use the QEO such as the Resolving the 12 Causes of Human Problems Program or the Optimize Your Life Program (and many others), you are getting the advantage of the Basic Regulation Program as a nice bonus positive side effect.

If you are not having a session once per week with the QEO for one of the IGC programs that includes this natural positive side effect of the Basic Regulation Program then you can come into the IGC for a very short session just to activate and stimulate your body’s self-healing processes. Ask the IGC receptionist to book you for a Basic Regulation session. It only takes about 5 minutes and if done regularly it will keep your immune system tuned up and doing it’s job of keeping you healthy.

What to expect:

Our free test will determine if the process will help to improve your body’s ability to self-heal. This program doesn’t produce any negative side effects. In fact none of the uses of the QEO produce negative side effects. In the case of the Basic Regulation Program you may not notice much in the way of subjective experience from doing such a session. But we can tell using the muscle testing technique if it is doing the job of stimulating the self-healing mechanisms properly. The free test prior to doing the sessions determines if this process is going to help improve the body’s active engagement of healing itself. We can also test for the optimal timing of how often to do this kind of session. This may vary from person to person.

Basic Regulation sessions typically take only about 5 to 10 minutes.

For service fees check with your local IGC.

Results may vary.

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