Programs and Services

Currently, 1-on-1 session appointments are available on line via video conferencing with Certified Inner Greatness Coaches. To book a session see Appointments.


The programs and services offered by Inner Greatness Global use our two amazing new technologies, the Inner Greatness Optimizing techniques (also called the Pure Awareness Techniques) and the Quantum Energy Optimizer (QEO).

Some of the programs and services use just the QEO by itself. Others combine the QEO with the Pure Awareness Techniques, a process we call Inner Greatness Optimizing (IGO). We also have training to learn the basics of how to help people awaken their inner greatness. IGO 1-on-1 coaching sessions are also available on line via video conferencing such as Skype or similar as well as at our expanding network of Inner Greatness Centers (IGCs).

  • On line 1-on-1 Inner Greatness Optimizing Coaching
    • Vaporize Your Depression
    • Vaporize Your Anxiety
    • Vaporize Your Fibromyalgia
    • Vaporize Your Stress
    • Vaporize Your Resentments
    • Vaporize Your Grief
    • Vaporize Your Nightmares
    • Vaporize Your Heartbreak

Inner Greatness Centers use 2 extraordinary new technologies to get breakthroughs and solve problems that previously have been difficult or impossible to solve.

Check the list of programs and services offered at your local IGC to see what’s available in your area.



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