New help for Nurses with PTSD

$97.00 / month for 3 months


In previous group coaching programs like this, participants had a 63% reduction in PTSD symptom severity with just 6 hours of training. A week later, the symptom severity level was down another 10 points – to a 73% reduction level. 

By contrast, traditional therapy takes 6 months to get a 60% reduction in severity levels, and there’s not another 10% reduction a week later. Take our pick – 6 months or 6 hours.  

Get rid of your PTSD symptoms with the fastest and easiest new techniques. Register today for payments of only $97 a month for 3 months. Your PTSD symptoms are very likely to be gone in that time frame. To register, click the Sign Up Now button at the top of this page. 

3 Months at $97 per month

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