‘New help for anyone with PTSD – The TraumAway Program’

$97.00 / month for 3 months


In previous group coaching programs like this, participants had a 63% reduction in PTSD symptom severity with just 6 hours of training. A week later, the symptom severity level was down another 10 points – to a 73% reduction level. 

By contrast, traditional therapy takes 6 months to get a 60% reduction in severity levels, and there’s not another 10% reduction a week later. Take our pick – 6 months or 6 hours.  

Get rid of your PTSD symptoms with the fastest and easiest new techniques. Register today for payments of only $97 a month for 3 months. Your PTSD symptoms are very likely to be gone in that time frame. To register, click the Sign Up Now button at the top of this page.

The group coaching sessions are once per week. The schedule is determined by the locations and availability of the participants. We will have more than one group, and they will meet at different times and days to that everyone can be accommodated. 

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