Advanced Pure Awareness Technique Class – ECT197

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This is the page for registering for the Advanced Pure Awareness Techniques class.

To register for this class (or it’s recording if you missed the live class) click on the ADD TO CART button above, 

The New Advanced Pure Awareness Techniques class will be  taught on Thursday – December 29th at 5:30 PM Pacific. Only people who have registered and paid for this class should attend. It will include –

  • The newly discovered “Protection” Technique
  • An Advanced Pure Awareness Technique for cleaning out your chakras
  • A review of human anti-virus software – a powerful approach to solving problems that have previously been difficult or seemingly impossible to solve.
  • Updates and additions to the WaveForm Excel template and WFO process

It is quite rare to discover a new Pure Awareness Technique but that has just happened. Why not give your most important friend and client – YOU! a Christmas present this year. You deserve it and you’ll love what you will learn in this class that you can use for the rest of your life!

Happy Holidays!


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