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Making More Right Decisions

To be successful, you have to start making more “right decisions”.

That’s exactly what these details instructions for using your Awaken Your  Inner Greatness App will teach you how to do.

Use the techniques in your app – Awaken Your Inner Greatness – by following the detailed instructions below. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet you can get it here –


You are about to learn how to have clearer thinking and make more right decisions. Up until now, no one has known how to upgrade your ability to to do that but amazingly enough, now it’s possible to do that, and with the help of this app… it’s easy. Thousands of people have done it already and so can you!

You may have found this app as a result of reading my chapter in the book Mastering the Art of Success by Jack Canfield. I’m a coauthor with Jack along with other coauthors of this new book was published on July 13, 2017 and became a best seller that same day. If you haven’t read the chapter yet you might want to do that to put the information here into context. For your convenience I’ve put the chapter here – Trusting Your Intuition: The Real Key to Success.

Perhaps you had the good fortune to find this app in some other way even without learning about it from the book. However you found it, congratulations! You’re about to learn how to remove the inner barriers to being able follow your intuition much more consistently so that you make more right decisions that will naturally lead you to having much more success in your life.

The techniques you will be learning are called The Pure Awareness Techniques and they are easiest to do with your eyes closed. You just swipe to the right on your phone’s screen (which is easy to do with your eyes closed) to hear the next audio instruction. This allows you to keep your eyes closed as you listen to and follow the audio guidance instructions.

To use a technique select it from the menu using the small menu icon in the upper right hand corner of your screen. When you swipe to the right you will hear the first audio instruction that will tell you to close your eyes. The other ways of navigating through the audio clips in

the app are obvious from each of the techniques interface screens in the app.

Preparation for Using This App

A New Technology

New technologies are being invented all the time and this app with its unique audio guidance system for using the Pure Awareness Techniques is just that – a new technology for removing your inner barriers to making good decisions and taking right actions much more consistently – greatly increasing your success in everything you do.

Read Everything

There is a lot of information below that explains the real nature and cause of why you have had clouded thinking and have been making poor decisions all of your life. You might not have realized that this has been happening because you have not had any other frame of reference. But if you really think about it you’ve had plenty of decisions that you have made that didn’t turn out the way that you hoped they would.

Following Your Intuition = Success

Following your intuition is what successful people say is a major key to their success. The underlying causes of clouded thinking are common and they are significant barriers to being able to follow your intuition. There are detailed instructions here about what to do to remove your inner barriers to powerful thinking and decisions using this app. It’s a lot of information because what you need to learn is how to do something new, something different that you have almost certainly never experienced before. So read all of the information as it will give you a very good foundation for understanding exactly what to do to prepare for and successfully use this app.

Upfront you should know that this is going to take learning to do some things that are the exact opposite of what you have been doing your whole life. After all, what you have been doing hasn’t been working or you wouldn’t be here checking this out! Fortunately, even though it will be learning to do things that are unfamiliar, they are not difficult. And as you use the app a number of times you will get the hang of it. Eventually you won’t need the app as you’ll have these new techniques learned so well that they will simply be new life skills that you can use for the rest of your life.

This app is designed to help you start to be able to distinguish between your intuitive thoughts and the thoughts that you have as a result of having a backlog of unresolved disruptive emotions that tend to dominate your thinking and get in the way of presence and clarity.

Four Kinds of Thoughts

We have four different kinds of thoughts at the basis of our decisions.

Useful thoughts:
1. Practical, logical thoughts
2. Intuitive thoughts

Not-useful thoughts:
3.Ego based thoughts
4. Emotionally based thoughts

The logical thoughts and the intuitive thoughts are useful. But it is most common for people’s decisions to be influenced by their ego based and/or emotionally based thoughts. Your ego and emotionally based thoughts are what create the barriers to your success. This often happens without people even being aware of these influences that effect their decision-making. These habits of thinking are so familiar that it doesn’t seem like there is any other way. It’s seems like that is just how it is.

But in reality making decisions from your ego or your emotions is a learned behavior. These are habits that frequently lead to decisions and actions that turn out to not bring you what you thought you wanted after all. It is common to regret such decisions but this regret doesn’t stop you from making similar ego and emotionally based decisions in the future. Something very fundamental needs to change.

What needs to change?

In order to be successful you have to make more “right decisions.” To make right decisions means that the decisions are aligned with reality. Such decisions are intuitive, and they come from being “tuned in” or doing what could be called “remembering the future.” These are the thoughts that come from intuition, from your inner greatness. You are simply aligning yourself with what actually is happening and not trying to make things happen from thoughts coming from your ego or emotions.

When your decisions come from your intuition and inner greatness it is because you are so present that you can intuitively feel what the right actions will be. You simply know inside yourself what’s right to do. When you have an inner sense of knowing that something is right you can trust that inner knowing without even having to intellectually understand or explain why you feel it is the right decision. This is the way that successful people function. You can develop this skill too. It’s accomplished by simply removing your inner barriers to being able to make intuitive, right decisions. And now we know exactly what those inner barriers are and how to remove them. When they are gone, you will start to spontaneously make right decisions that lead to more and more success.

In Mastering the Art of Success I explain that people who are successful consistently say that one of the key factors in their success has been following their intuition. Now you can use your Awaken Your Inner Greatness app to help you to be able to do that by getting rid of the causes of clouded thinking and bad decisions.

As you use this app, you will guide yourself through new experiential techniques for accessing and removing the true underlying causes of clouded thinking and poor decisions. And by using the app and doing the techniques you’ll be able to become more like the people who have become successful from being able to naturally have clear and powerful thinking and making more right decisions.

Settling for Mediocrity

Without realizing it you’ve been settling for having clouded thinking and making poor decisions because of some deep early childhood conditioning. When you were very young you got emotionally overwhelmed many, many times. You rapidly developed the habits of suppressing and avoiding emotional experiences especially when they were uncomfortable or painful. You’ve also developed a habit of wishing that things were different, wishing that something had turned out the way that you had wanted it to. And you developed a habit of projecting the possibility of negative things happening in the future. These patterns of conditioning keep you locked into having clouded thinking and making poor ego based and emotionally driven decisions. Later you regret such decisions but you haven’t been able to stop making them.

Two Kinds of Disruptive Emotions

This typically means that you have two different kinds of disruptive emotional energy patterns in and around your body. Here’s a diagram of the two kinds of disruptive emotional energies.

The key to being able to breakthrough and finally get rid of the hidden barriers that are sabotaging your ability to make right decisions is to approach this problem on a new level… on the level where these barriers really live.

Emotional Content and Energy

Emotions have both content and energy. The content is the part that most people and most approaches focus on. But it is the energy of an emotion that gives it life. When the energy is gone, the emotion is gone and the real basis of your clouded thinking vanishes. Then you have a clear mind and much more presence to what is real and what needs to be done to take maximum advantage of what’s really possible in your life.

Learning how to remove the real barriers to clear thinking and right decisions is like running human anti-virus software on yourself! It is going to wipe the basis of these destructive habits off of your hard drive!!!

I know that it sounds too good to be true… but it is true. You don’t have to take my word for it. Just use the app, follow the instructions and see for yourself!

On the Types of Emotions Chart above there are two kinds of energies that typically cause ego based and emotionally based thinking and decisions. Using the app is going to show you how to resolve both of the kinds of energy patterns that keep you locked into your old ineffective ways of being. They are the emotional energy patterns that can be resolved using the IN and OUT Techniques in the app.

You’re going to learn how to allow yourself to feel the energy of your old unresolved emotional pain that is at the real root of this problem. And you’ll learn how to put your attention right into the center of the strongest part of the energy field of the old emotional pain and how to completely resolve it.

Upgrading Your Capacity to Feel Things

To the 3-year-old inside of you this doesn’t sound like a good idea at all. But you aren’t 3 years old any more even though you’ve had an inner 3 year old running your emotional life all of this time. It’s time for an upgrade.

As an adult you have an enormous capacity to feel and resolve emotional pain. It’s just that this innate capacity has been quite under utilized in your life up until now. Now you’re going to learn how to use it. And what you’re going to discover is that with just a little bit of training and guidance, with an adult’s capacity to feel emotional energy patterns, now you can resolve the emotional pain at the basis of bad decisions so that these barriers are really gone… permanently. This “anti-virus software for human beings” that resolves emotional pain quickly and easily is called the IN Technique.

You are also going to learn how to extract yourself from the energy clouds of reactive emotions. You’ll learn that you have been holding onto stories in your mind about what you wished would have happened. You wish that your expectation of how things would be had turned out the way you wanted. But it didn’t. Even though life showed up the way that it did and not the way you wanted it to, you continue to be stuck in your story and the reactive emotions about it not happening how you wanted. You’re having difficulty accepting that even if you aren’t aware of this habit.

Intellectual Understanding Isn’t Enough

Intellectually understanding all of this will not get you to stop having your thoughts and decisions come from your ego and emotions. That’s because intellectual understanding doesn’t get rid of the “virus” that is causing your inner barriers. Understanding that you are continuing to keep stories in your mind that things should have been different doesn’t make them different and it doesn’t stop you from having emotional reactions to such stories. It is these stories that are the primary components of your ego.

That’s again because there are more “viruses” that have been holding each of your stories in place… keeping you locked into them… without even being aware that this is happening. No amount of intellectual understanding about what happened or what you are doing is going to get this off of your “hard drive.”

You need another anti-virus program for human beings for this one too. What you need is called the OUT Technique. The OUT Technique will show you just how to extract yourself from the energy fields that are locking you into your stories and making it nearly impossible to let them go. This app is going to show you how to break out of the jail cell of the energy fields of your stories. Once you are outside of the energy field, you will see… it’s like magic. It will allow you to finally be able to be at peace with what happened and stop wishing that it should be different. Sounds amazing but… it works! You have to experience it to believe it.

The problem is that this is a deeply conditioned “bad habit”. Just deciding that you won’t do that any more isn’t going to work either. The conditioning will keep you locked into doing this unless we do something to really disrupt or eliminate the conditioned pattern.

The Provocation Test

Making Sure That It Is Really Gone!

When the emotional pain is gone and you have come out of the reactive emotional energy cloud, you can open your eyes and take a little break. At that point you will do a simple exercise to make sure that the problem is really resolved. We call it a “provocation test.”

That means you attempt to provoke the energy of the problem again using what we call the LOCATE Technique. That’s done by going into the silence in which your thoughts occur and then telling the body to show you any remaining energy that could be sabotaging your ability to make right decisions.

When you do the provocation test, you will see if there’s still any remaining energy at the basis of the old destructive habit that you just worked on. If there is still some remaining energy, use the IN and/or OUT Technique to resolve it. Then do the provocation test again.

When all of the energy is gone you’ll feel quite different.

Everyone Has Lots of Inner Barriers


So next you can use the app again when you are ready to find any additional hidden energy patterns that could be also contributing to poor decision-making. When you find one, you will shift to the IN and/or OUT Technique and resolve it. You can resolve as many of your inner barriers as you feel comfortable to do in one sitting. That’s entirely up to you. You may need to use the app multiple times on different occasions to do some really deep “Spring cleaning.” After all you have a life time of living in your old conditioned ways of functioning and you’ve been collecting lots of disruptive emotions all of this time too. So don’t be surprised if you keep finding more inner barriers for some time. The good news is that it’s not endless and each time you remove another barrier you are that much clearer and much more present. You’ll find that you progressively see things as they really are and are able to respond to the needs of each moment more and more from you inner knowing, your inner greatness.


Let’s get Started!

You are about to start the Techniques. Here’s what you are going to do –

You first have to feel the energy field of the emotion. Follow the suggestions below in order to be able to do that.

Removing the Barriers to Having Powerful Thinking & Decisions

Accessing the energy fields of the barriers

In the Mastering the Art of Success I mentioned that I discovered that there are 2 main ways to greatly improve your ability to follow your heart and intuition and thereby be much more successful than you ever have been in the past.

  • The first way is to remove the primary fear that blocks you from trusting and acting on your intuition. This turns out to be the fear of punishment. If you already used the app for this then you have already removed this major barrier to following your intuition. Go to the instructions for using the app to resolve this common fear. They are here – More Consistent Intuition.
  • The second way is to learn how to remove the real root causes of clouded thinking and poor decisions that get in the way of recognizing and following your intuition. That’s the topic of this set of instructions for using the app.

The Real Root Causes of Clouded Thinking and Poor Decisions

One of the tricky things about clouded thinking is that from inside of the state of clouded thinking it is difficult to even recognize that your thinking is indeed clouded. So generally speaking people don’t know that their thinking is clouded and they are making poor emotionally based, impulsive decisions.

They are too caught up in this state of being and it has been their way of experiencing life for their entire life so they have no other frame of reference. This state of being keeps you from having the success that you want and deserve. You will be amazed at how much clearer and more confident you will be as a result of really starting to get rid of the disruptive emotions that are causing your clouded thinking and poor decisions.

When you are ready to start cleaning your emotional house, follow these guidelines and use the Awaken your Inner Greatness App to guide yourself through each of the techniques at your own pace.

Finding Hidden Energies

One of the keys to success with this process is to recognize that due to your pre-verbal conditioning of Resisting Feeling Things Fully, many of the disruptive emotional energies that are causing your clouded thinking and poor decisions are pretty well buried. After all, you swept them under the rug in order to not have to feel them. And you’ve probably become pretty good at emotional suppression. Most people do get pretty good at that. But of course this just keeps the unresolved emotional energy in your body. It doesn’t really get rid of it. The suppressed emotional energies are still there under the rug! And they are still contributing to your clouded thinking.

So in order to access the disruptive emotions that you have done such a good job of hiding from yourself, you need to first make a decision that you are going to allow yourself to get access to them and to let yourself feel them. But you’re going to learn how to feel them in new ways that very efficiently resolves them… completely, rather than continuing to just store them in your body.

The LOCATE Technique

You will use what is called the LOCATE Technique which is a special way of finding and being able to feel the energy of these “stuffed” emotions. When you use the LOCATE Technique you are going to create a special state of being in which you tell your body to show you the unresolved emotional energy you are after. You can do this first with IN Technique energies. Use the Technique called LOCATE IN. Once you get access to the IN Technique energy, start the IN Technique on your phone and guide yourself through the resolution of that energy until it is vaporized!

You can also use LOCATE to get access to your unresolved OUT Technique energies as well. Using the LOCATE OUT Technique for accessing OUT Technique energies. It will guide you through the same kinds of steps but prepares you to then shift to the OUT Technique as the last step. Then you open the OUT Technique and go through it’s process to resolve the Reactive/External emotional energy clouds that you have allowed yourself to find and notice while doing the LOCATE OUT Technique.

You can choose whether to ask for IN or OUT Technique energies, as you like. You have plenty of both of them so you won’t have any problem in finding things to work on.

Accessing the Energy that Causes Poor Decisions

You can start this process by thinking of a time in the past when you made what you felt was a poor decision. That decision had either an ego based or emotionally based thought at its root. You can then use the LOCATE Technique to tell the body to show you the IN and OUT technique energies that were at the basis of your poor decision.

When you have resolved one of your disruptive emotions, either with IN or OUT or both, use the LOCATE Technique again and tell the body to show you any additional remaining energy of that specific emotion if there is any. If there is the body will show you and you can use the appropriate technique either IN or OUT or both, to resolve whatever is left.


If for any reason you feel the need for it, you can get personalized 1-on-1 help from a Certified Inner Greatness Coach by using the online booking system at the bottom of this page.

Keep Using This App

Once you have success with getting rid of the true basis of some of your poor decisions you can continue to use the app for finding and getting rid of the basis of all of the poor decisions that you have made in your life.

This will go a long way to protecting you from making poor decisions again in the future. You may have quite a few of the kinds of energies that cause poor decisions. That’s likely. But you can find and eliminate them with this procedure. If you can’t remember any additional poor decisions after working in this way for a while, you can also use the LOCATE Technique to simply tell the body to show you any remaining energy that can possibly contribute to making poor decisions in the future. This way you can catch anything that’s hiding down in there that isn’t something related to a poor decision that you can remember. Fortunately, with the Pure Awareness Techniques you don’t to know or understand the issue in order to get access to and resolve the energy at the basis of any problem.

The Short Versions of LOCATE

By the way, the short versions of the LOCATE Technique are for after you have used the initial longer version of it the first time or the first few times (you decide). As you get used to doing it you won’t need as much instruction but you can decide which one you prefer using as you progress.

May You Enjoy Greater Success

by Making Many More Right Decisions

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