Polona Trček – Transform Heartbreak into Contentment

Polona is from Slovenia. This picture above is not of her as you will see when you watch the video of her demo session on Transform Heartbreak into Contentment. But by the end of the session she looks a lot more like this picture of happiness and contentment than she did at the beginning of the session.

Polona had both a divorce and then a recent breakup with a lover and she was feeling pretty heartbroken about both of the relationships that didn’t work out. We used the Pure Awareness Techniques and the IGO Intuition Testing method to access and resolve the energy patterns that were causing her to still feel heartbroken. The transformation that happens during the session is pretty amazing to see and that video is below after the one of her follow up session.

In her follow up session, she reported that she feels that she is completely over the feeling of heartbreak. Doesn’t feel like that any more at all!!! You might like to see the follow up session first.

During her follow up session we did some additional work to help her to not make the same mistake of getting involved with the wrong kind of guy ever again! This pattern is a common one. It’s caused by feeling that you didn’t get the love that you felt you needed as a kid, so you find a guy who is emotionally unavailable and in many ways has the qualities of one or both of your parents. Inside you get the feeling – “Oh this guy is really hot! Maybe I can get the love from him that I didn’t get as a kid!” The problem is that you aren’t really aware of this dynamic, you just feel a kind of desperateness to be with this guy.

Now your intuition is screaming at you that you shouldn’t go there. You actually know that it isn’t going to work. But the feeling of desperately wanting to be with someone and get the love that you didn’t get as a child is too compelling. So you go against your intuition and get involved in the relationship, only to have it be a disaster. This is such a common pattern and Polona could totally related to this.

So in the follow up session we pinpointed the energies that have been causing this feeling of desperateness to have a relationship and resolved them. It all has to do with the fear that you won’t get the love that you think you need. You’ll be fascinated to see how it goes. Here’s the video of the follow up session. –


Polona doesn’t speak much English so the session is done with translation. We’ll be following up to see how she’s doing soon and we’ll post the follow up video here so you can see if it is lasting or not or if she needed a brief tune up. In her initial session there are some things that happened that are not so common in some of the other demo sessions. For example she started to cry at one point and we have a special way of handling crying so that it stops immediately but without suppressing it. It’s rather amazing to see that. And she also was having trouble allowing herself to feel the energy fields of some emotions which we also managed to overcome. It’s a fascinating session.

Here’s the video –


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