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Please note – The Results of this program appear to vary from subtle to dramatic depending upon the severity of the ADD/ADHD symptoms to begin with. People with less severe symptoms seem to have less room for contrast and therefore less dramatic experiences. Those with severe ADD/ADHD that is principally caused by the TB Miasm are reporting dramatic improvements.


Los Angeles, CA

For the record, let me start off by saying that I am not getting paid for writing this testimonial. I am writing this because I want people to know that ADHD is absolutely curable in an amazingly short time.

I am an attorney who had ADHD until just a few months ago.

Think how difficult it was for me to explain that I could provide exceptional legal services when my clients would find out I had ADHD. (And you and I both know that there is a definite stigma attached to people who have ADHD).What does writing this testimonial mean for me? It means that ADHD is not a big deal, and that if you have it, it can be dealt with faster than you can deal with the common cold. It means that if we raise awareness of this beautiful fact, there will no longer be a stigma associated with having ADHD. It means that people will be able to understand why my practice of law is not affected by the fact that I had ADHD.   THAT is why I’m writing this.

I’ve tried pretty much everything imaginable to get ADHD “under control.” If you’re reading this and have ADHD, you know how hard it is to focus on work, relationships and life in general. You have this constant “thinking thing” going on in your head. Your loved ones get mad at you because they feel like you don’t pay enough attention to them when they are speaking to you because you happen to look around or perhaps shake your leg or hands. You’ve probably thought about 27 different things already and read each sentence in this paragraph a few times without knowing exactly what it is you read.

I used to be you! And I’m sorry to say this right now, but being you is really tough. The good thing is that you don’t have to be that way anymore, and you don’t have to take a magic Ritalin pill or Aderall pill or Straterra pill or do light therapy – or any of the other time consuming, expensive and physically toxic things you have to do to keep yourself focused. (Incidentally, these are all the things I personally used to do).

I’m not going to try to explain to you what it is that Tom does, because it doesn’t even matter. (I’m not sure what those little blue Aderall pills I used to take did to work for me, but I still took them). All I can tell you is that I drove down to Tom’s office from Los Angeles; I went in and sat in his office for a few minutes and tried to stay focused while he explained the process; he did a kinesiology test, and then had me hold something connected to the wave machine. Twenty minutes later I left his office and called my sister-in-law because I couldn’t believe it – I felt as if the fog that was covering my brain was gone! It was amazing – This is what I literally told her “when I got to my car, I thought that someone had cleaned my car because my windshield seemed like it had been cleaned – but the truth was that I could see more clearly because Tom had cleaned my brain’s windshield – I know that doesn’t make sense. I have NO idea how it is possible but its TRUE.” She called me a few days later to see how I felt and if I still had a clear windshield on my brain. I did and still do:-).  Incidentally, I still don’t understand how it was possible, but it worked!

The point is that even if you don’t understand the exact science behind how Tom does his wave machine “magic” – it WORKS, it’s FAST, it’s EASY and it’s INEXPENSIVE!!!  If you have ADHD or think that you might, I absolutely implore you to make what is arguably the most important decision of your life and make an appointment to get tested with Tom. He even tests you for free. You have NOTHING to loose except for the dis-ease of ADHD.

I am so grateful to Tom Stone for providing such a wonderful service that truly changed my life, and I’m also thankful to him for making it affordable. In fact, I have saved so much time and money because I don’t have to spend time going to and paying for the doctor’s visits or the coaching strategy sessions or the expensive pills. What’s more important, I now realize that ADHD is not this big terrible disease to carry around on my back and get stigmatized about!!! Thank you Tom for changing my life; I sincerely wish that whomever is reading this testimonial will understand that they can and deserve to get rid of ADHD once and for all, and that you can help change their life as you have helped change my life.


Nina H.

Los Angeles, CA

Dear Tom,

WoW!  wOw! WOW! wow! WOw! wOW!  And so on.  Wow.

I no longer have ADHD.  I know this.  I came home last night and had the best meditation that I have ever had.. got messages that were crystal clear. I also purposely practiced my meditation were there was a lot of chaos.  My husband was a bit cranky and he had the TV on really loud.  Before, I would have went into an upset, felt resigned to practice meditation, and complained that I couldn’t focus. I had laser focus like never before.

I also read my Human Design which I tried reading at least 10 times before, but was just too much information.  So, once again, I purposely picked a loud, distracting place to read it.  It was late (almost 11 p.m.).  I had a story that I already can’t focus, and at night it is just completely out of the question to focus!   Whelp, the input of what I was reading was not only extraditable powerful, but also incredibly clear.

Yep, ADHD…GONE.  All gone.  Thanks you for the space that you provide.

Having a great time,

Vanessa O’Neill, CEO

Cedar Spring, Inc.

Tustin, CA

I’m very excited with the results of debugging the TB miasms. I had two of them.  I did the debugging about 12 days ago.  I waited until now to report my experiences because I wanted to live into this new way of being for a while to observe the changes in my thoughts, behavior, nervous system aspects, etc.

I would not have characterized myself as having ADD as I have not had any learning difficulties and only a few “normal” productivity challenges that most people seem to face. Right after the debugging I felt a strong sense of being much more centered in my body, feeling grounded.  A little while later, I noticed an internal calm or sense of serenity that continues to be there.

Overall my nervous system seems to have “settled down.” Even though I’ve always been a calm person at least on the exterior, after this process I noticed I actually had a low-level anxious/energetic drive attached to my thoughts and actions that has now been resolved. I had lived with this so long that I wasn’t even fully aware of it or realized that this was not a normal way of operating!

Productivity has also improved. I have less distractibility and more consistent attention overall. My task completion and follow through are much better even with mundane tasks like personal paperwork.

The feeling of anxious overwhelm when faced with starting projects (often leading to procrastination) is also gone.  I also had a tendency to have multiple projects going but not following through to completion before starting another.  I haven’t had any impulse to start any new projects and I’m staying “on track” with what I’ve started.

Diana Wythe

Professional Life Coach

Grand Junction, CO

Since being debugged for the TB Miasm I wanted to let you know that I can’t quite place my finger on what is different, but something is.  I guess you could say I feel more peace of mind, and miraculously I am staying more focused and getting more done. It seemed I use to get overwhelmed with a lot of thoughts that would often paralyze me into doing nothing and have me running in circles, I still get a lot of thoughts maybe even the same amount, although they seem much more organized and naturally prioritized as they come in.

The part that is the most fascinating though is what I can’t put my finger on – the ease, less anxiety and nervousness and overall I have been more clear at expressing what I mean as well.   It feels like when you take a deep sigh of relief that something tenuous is finally done.  That is the best I can describe, still feels like one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in regard to the wavemaker and looking after the fact feels like that unresolved energy that was always a mystery of something missing has now been dealt with and resolved.

Not bad for a half hour and it was great to see you too!

I plan to bring my kids in soon.

Wishing you well of course and thank you so much!  I look forward to hearing more and learning more about being able to purchase the ampoules and help others with this issue.

Wendi Liechty

Chief Bliss Chick

Everyday Bliss Inc.

Within a few days of using the TB miasm drops and oils I noticed a change in a mental process.

For years I’ve had a tendency to get in a mental loop over some thought. It manifests by my having a thought and then repeating the thought over and over again, as if I’m somehow “perfecting” the thought through repetition. (This experience goes way beyond the experience many of us have of getting a song stuck in our mind.) My issue was that I was unable to easily get out of the loop of the repeating thought; to the point of feeling I was wasting time and energy on the thought, yet unable to break the cycle.  Since using the TB miasm drops this issue has disappeared! Now I will have a thought, perhaps repeat it once, catch the repetition, grin, and move on. Aaahhh…..

Thank you,


Steve Straus
A Coach for highly successful people — since 1987
195 Panorama Cir., Pottsboro, Texas 75076 USA
[email protected]

(Steve took the Peace of Mind Program via the Individualized Oil and Mineral Drops – for information about this see – Peace of Mind Program via Drops)

Since the Peace of Mind Quick Upgrade I’ve noticed it’s much easier to detach from whatever drama or situation is going on around me and maintain a still, calm presence to it. Circumstances or events that normally trigger a reaction in me don’t seem to anymore. It’s as if there is less “white noise” inside me.

One of the most noteworthy examples of this when I was caught in a brutal, heavy snowstorm during evening rush hour, driving someone else’s new car. I haven’t driven in snow in 25 years. A journey of typically one hour took four hours. Throughout it all, I remained calm, centered, detached. I surprised myself!

Michelle LaPrise

Real Estate Investor

San Diego, CA

I have noticed a difference.   It’s subtle but definitely noticeable.   It’s a calming feeling, less worry & anxiety.   It’s like I’m moving in the direction of my self (real).

Mark Winski

Carmel, IN

(Mark took the Peace of Mind Program via the Individualized Oil and Mineral Drops – for information about this see – Peace of Mind Program via Drops)

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