Optimize the OUT Technique

The OUT Technique is one of a powerful set of unique tools called the Pure Awareness Techniques. The OUT Technique is used for eliminating such things as anxiety, depression, disappointment, anger, frustration, fears, and other emotional challenges. It gets to the heart of the true causes of these problems and resolves such causes completely.

The Pure Awareness Techniques are simple and easy to learn and use. But sometimes people are not certain that they are doing them correctly. This is partly due a lifetime of emotional suppression and avoidance. And the Pure Awareness Techniques involve learning how to do some things that are the opposite of what we have been doing all of our lives.

Some students in the new Extraordinary Coach Training program brought up some questions about the OUT Technique which inspired the idea of having a special free class that anyone can attend in which I will take one of these students through an OUT Technique and explain the details and the purpose of how and why  we do each step of it as we go.

This special class is open to anyone whether you have learned the OUT Technique yet or not.

If you have not yet learned the OUT Technique you can guide yourself through it with our new Inner Guidance App on the Inner Greatness Global website. We have just made this available on the web and it is available to anyone for free by simply enrolling for a free membership to the site. You can enroll using the registration form below.

And the audio instructions for the OUT Technique are here – The OUT Technique Audio Instructions

You can guide yourself through the audio clicks by simply clicking anywhere on the face of the active screen to start and stop the recording of the steps of instructions. This allows you to go at your own pace while keeping your eyes closed which is the easiest way to do the technique.

If you would like to learn how to resolve the energies that empower the kinds of emotions listed above then I suggest that you give the OUT Technique a try and then attend this special class for Optimizing the OUT Technique.

Let’s face it. Most people are really lousy at handling their emotions. The Pure Awareness Techniques get raved about as being by far the easiest and most effective life skills for resolving disruptive and uncomfortable emotions anyone has ever seen anywhere.

At Inner Greatness Global our mission is to remove the pain of the world, transforming suffering into joy. You are invited to join us by starting with yourself!

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