(Online) Extraordinary Performance Assessment

Top performers advance in their careers faster than people who just perform at the average level.

In this assessment you rate yourself for 21 of the main attributes of top performers. But even top performers don’t typically fully express their potential in any of these areas. They are just better than most people in some of them. Everyone gets held back by their conditioning and unresolved emotions. IGO is used in the Extraordinary Performance program to help people remove these inner barriers so that you can fully express each of them at 100% of your natural capacity. You can read a detailed explanation about this program here – The Extraordinary Performance Program

Rate yourself on a scale of 0 to 10 for your sense of to what extent you are expressing each of these primary attributes of top performers.

0 = you don’t express much at all of this attribute.

10 – You are expressing the full value of this attribute in your work and life all the time.

[assessment name='(Online) Extraordinary Performance’ 10_bar=”true” extended_results=”true”]

@ Focus and Presence
@ Communication
@ Collaboration and Cooperation
@ Adaptability
@ Serving and Supporting
@ Authenticity
@ Decisive Action from Clarity
@ Initiative
@ Open Minded
@ Planning and Coordination
@ Empowerment and Self-sufficiency
@ Ethics and Integrity
@ Creativity and Innovation
@ Masterful Enrollment
@ Presentation Excellence
@ Emotional Competence
@ Productivity
@ Trusts and Acts on Intuition
@ Masterfully Navigates Uncertainty
@  Thinks Outside the Box
@ Stays Balanced Under Stressful Situations

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