Double Your Money with No Risk!

Help Me to Fulfill the Mission Removing the Pain From the World

 Several Options

Option 1


Put in $2,000

Get – $4,000 back

10 positions available

Get $100 a month for 40 months.



Option 2


Put in $5,000

Get – $10,000 back

Only 4 positions available

Get $200 a month for 20 months.



Option 3


Put in $10,000

Get $20,000  back

Only 1 position available

Get $1,000 a month for 40 months.


There may be a mix of options depending on the number of investors in each one. 


No Risk


The money is not going to be paid back out of the Google Ads profits but from my social security income. We will start payback 4 months after the initial investment time to make sure that we are well ahead of the game before we start the payments. This way it won’t matter what happens with the Google Ads campaign as repayment will be totally independent of that.


I had an idea that started yesterday that I want to share with you a unique opportunity that I will explain to you here. I’m only making this opportunity available to people who are in the Perfection & True Awakening Program already.


I’m going to use this money (however much I get) to fund this special Google Ads Campaign that has been consistently getting double, triple, or even as much as 8 times return on the ad spends in profits from new customer acquisitions.


First, I’ll give you an update on what’s happening with me as it is central to the whole discussion.


I’ve been in the Portland, OR area for a few weeks. I had been in India for about 8 months and came over to renew my passport and India visa and I have been staying part of the time with a long term friend who lives just across the river in Vancouver, WA. At the moment, I’m staying at a rehab center on the Portland side. I’m booked to fly back to India on Nov. 29th.


Shortly after I got here I had to go to the hospital due to a skin problem on my leg. I had some tests from which I was diagnosed as having congestive heart failure. Hearing those words initially concerned me as I didn’t know what it meant. Then I found out that it mainly means that the heart is somewhat weak, and it can’t pump the fluids, blood, etc. back up from the feet so you develop edema and various skin problems, etc. In my case, it’s not serious.


However, the hospital visits took a lot of time and attention away from doing my business. As a result, my cash position has gotten quite low. In addition, all of you know that I have spent most of 30 years developing and teaching the amazing Pure Awareness Techniques all over the world. And just from observing the kind of breakthroughs we are getting in the Perfection & True Awakening classes it is clearly working very well. I’ve been starting to feel that we should start to share this great program with others and not just keep it to ourselves.


As there is quite a lot to the rest of my message and there’s an opportunity to make some money I’m going to put the rest of this message on this web page – Double your money with no risk. 


What most of you don’t know is that for some years I have also been looking for the “right” internet marketing partner who is not only very good but who could be an excellent collaborator in helping us to fulfill our mission of removing the pain of the world. I’ve found people who are producing some great results but until recently I hadn’t found someone with the right “feel” about them. I recently found someone who does have this feeling I’ve been looking for that includes wisdom, honesty, integrity, a successful methodology, a team, and that special sense of being someone you want to be involved with.


His name is Chris Cardel and his company is called Cardel Media. For over 20 years he has been doing Google Ads campaigns and has made a lot of money and helped lots of internet entrepreneurs become multi-millionaires. He has figured out a way to manage Google Ad Campaigns in such a way that your ads only end up in the top 3 or 4 ads at the top of any Google search. Those top 3 or 4 positions are the only consistent generators of new customers. After all, you aren’t searching for them, they are searching for exactly what you have; they are looking for you. So, when things are working right, and he and his staff know how to do that, because they are consistently getting returns on the ads budgets of double, triple and even profits as high as 8 times the ad spend.


Right at that time I was intuitively wishing that he would offer some kind of partnership program in which his team of 50 experts, who he has trained, would manage a Google Ads campaign for the new partner and help them get these kinds of new client acquisitions that he has been consistently getting for many years. Amazingly enough, he announced a program exactly like this that very week with only 15 spots available because he just doesn’t have capacity to take on more than that. And he wanted 10 of these new partners to be in the USA or Canada.


This is exactly what I had been hoping for. When things like this happen, I call it remembering the future. So, I jumped on it and enrolled as one of the new partners. I wanted to be first in line and not miss this extraordinary opportunity. Strangely enough, this is also right when I started going into the hospital for testing. And the time and expenses associated with all of this hospital stuff depleted my cash reserve and my energy level a lot.


I want to have enough money in the initial Google Ads campaign budget to ensure that the campaign will be similarly successful to the ones that have been working so well for Chris’ partners. The ongoing testing at the hospital increased and I now didn’t have either the ads budget or the time and energy to get the Google Ads Campaign started.


But we do know that everything is Perfect whether we can see that upfront or not. My challenge is not about having enough money, it’s about cash flow. So, the idea came to me to offer for some of you guys to benefit from this development by helping me solve the cashflow part of this situation and be able to share with you some of the benefit of this new partnership that I’m now just starting with Cardel Media.


This isn’t for everyone, but my sense is that there are a few of you for whom this is a good fit and if you are one of them you will intuitively sense it. The good thing is that while most investments involve risk, in the case the only risk is that the social security system in the USA will stop working. Not likely! I get plenty of money each month that I can use to pay back some loans that will make it possible to rapidly compound the ongoing ad budget and build a healthy compounding Google Ads Campaign. This is just what I wanted, essentially a no risk program that would allow me to share some of the benefit of my new partnership with some of you who are aligned with my mission of removing the pain of the world but would also like to make some money while doing that. 


I’ve designed this to give you double your money in 40 months or less. If you’d like the details send me an email and let me know how much you would like to put into this program. 


Send your email to [email protected] and I’ll get you all of the information about how it is going to work and how to participate.



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