Lori Haugland – Success 101 – How to Make Fewer Costly Mistakes

Lori had a problem with speaking to groups. She has a private coaching practice and she’s OK with 1-on-1 sessions. But when it comes to speaking to groups, just the idea of it has made her so uncomfortable that she avoids doing that at all costs. And it is costing her a lot because her coaching business needs a lot more clients. Even though she has great results from her coaching sessions and she gets lots of opportunities to speak to groups, she rarely ever does just because it makes her so uncomfortable.

We started the session with the intention to target those patterns of energy in her that were at the real root of this problem and resolve them with the Pure Awareness Techniques. We were able to do that and seemed to get every one of her old stresses related to pubic speaking resolved.

We did a follow up session to check in on how she’s doing and she reported that the problem is gone! She’s not only comfortable speaking to groups but she said that she even feels much more comfortable with 1-on-1 interactions as well! So the session was really successful. She said that having cleared away the energies that were causing her discomfort with speaking in groups that it had revealed a deeper issue. So we did a little bit of a tune up by resolving the energy causing her deeper issue that you can see on the video which you can see below.


Here’s the video of Lori’s initial session in which we identified and eliminated the energies causing her fear and discomfort with speaking to groups.

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