Lori Cassidy


Certified Inner Greatness Coach

As a psychotherapist (LCSW) and Transformational Life coach for over twenty years, Lori has often heard clients talk about feeling restless, overwhelmed or that something is holding them back. Sometimes anxiety, grief, or heartbreak look as if they will never go away. Working with Inner Greatness Global since 2003, she has found the Inner Greatness Optimizing Techniques are the most effective way to help clients overcome these feelings and find the freedom to express themselves more fully and to have more joy and passion in their lives. At Wellness Awakenings, she encourages you to recognize your role in your overall wellness — body, mind, heart and soul. Finding inner-outer life balance, moving through life transitions with ease and finding life’s natural rhythms are an integral part of what she helps you to do. Her enthusiasm for engaging you in the awakening process is contagious. To help you awaken your spirit so you become more consciously awake and aware in order to see your unique gifts clearly is her mission.
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